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Green County UW-Extension Dairy Modernization Tours

August 24, 2017, from 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


August 17, 2017

UW-Extension, in cooperation with the Green County Milk Quality Council, will be sponsoring Dairy Facility Farm Tours on Thursday, August 24, 2017. The tours will include six dairy farms located in Green County that have all made modernization improvements to their dairy facilities to increase productivity and animal comfort as well as reduce labor.

The Dairy Modernization Tours are held every two years and attract dairy producers and agriculture professionals from over 12 counties and three states. The tours are popular with dairy farmers as they feature an open house format in which dairy producers can visit any number of the six farms they wish between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. There is no central meeting place or any formal presentation for the tours. Farmers can simply select which farms they would like to visit on their own time schedule between 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., on August 24th. A farm representative will be on hand at each farm to answer questions for the tour participants.

The tours will feature various sizes of dairy farms with herds ranging from 75-475 cows. For producers interested in upgrading their milking facilities, the tours will include a free flow robotic milking system, Swing 12 and 14 Parabone parlors, along with double 12 and 15 Parallel parlors that are all built inside new buildings. The tour will also include one auto flow parlor that was built inside an existing dairy barn.

Several milk cow housing configurations will be featured on the tours including three, four and six row freestall barns with natural ventilation systems and drive through feeding. One of the farms will feature inflatable sidewall curtains, flexible freestall dividers and a high tension fabric roof. Bedding systems featured in the barns will include sand on four of the farms, with two farms using water beds.

The tours will include two young calf housing facilities. Each building was designed for baby calves from 0-2 months of age. One barn features an automatic calf feeding system and positive pressure ventilation. The other barn features both individual and small group pens.

Several manure handling systems will be included on the tours. Many of the host farms on the tour have daily scraping systems with mini manure pits for short-term storage. Four of the farms feature gravity flow manure transfer systems to the storage pits. One farm features a long term 1.5 million gallon round concrete storage structure, with a built in access ramp to remove settled sand.

These tours are designed to help generate ideas for dairy producers who are considering future improvements and modernization in their own dairy facilities. Host farmers will be on hand to share their experiences in the building process and to explain what they like about their facility and what they might change if they were to do it again. Tour participants will be required to wear plastic boots that will be supplied at each of the farms.

Host Farms

Weckland Dairy, W6368 Iliff Road, Monroe (250 cows): This farm features a new Double 12 Parallel Parlor. Cows are housed in a six-row freestall barn with sand bedding. The freestall barn has a drive-through feeding with an overshot open ridge roof. Manure is scraped into a cross channel that features a gravity flow system to a 1.5 million gallon concrete manure storage pit with built-in access ramp.

Riedland Farms, W5478 County DR, Monroe (125 Cows): Two Lely A-4 Robotic Milking units are used on this farm. Cows are housed in a three-row freestall with drive-through feeding. Sand bedding is used and manure is scraped daily into a concrete pit with four months storage. This farm also features a new baby calf barn with an automatic feeder, positive pressure tube ventilation system and small group weaning pens.

Jordan Creek Dairy, N3858 County M, Monroe (125 Cows): This farm features a Swing 14 Parabone Parlor with rapid exit stalls. Milk cows are housed in a four-row freestall barn, using Aqua Mattresses with Easy Fix stall dividers with rubber loops. This barn also features Polymat inflatable curtain sidewalls and a high-tension fabric roof. Manure is scraped daily and transferred by gravity flow into a small concrete mini-pit.

Arneson Dairy, N4058 Skinner Hollow Road, Monroe (475 Cows): Milk cows are housed in a six-row freestall barn with natural ventilation, drive-through feeding and sand bedding. Manure is daily scraped and hauled or transferred by gravity flow to a concrete manure pit with an access ramp. Cows are milked in a double 15 parallel parlor with rapid exit stalls. This farm also features a calf barn for calves from birth to two months of age with individual and small group pens.

Remarc Holsteins, W3155 Norton Road, Juda (75 Cows): This farm has a new, naturally ventilated three-row freestall barn with drive-through feeding. The cows’ stalls feature double chamber water beds covered with chopped straw. The cows are milked in a D-4 Auto flow parlor that is built inside an older, two-story dairy barn. Manure is daily scraped and hauled, with storage consisting of a small temporary ramped manure storage pit.

Jordan Farms Inc., W2812 Jordan Road, Juda (165 Cows): This farm features a Swing 12 Parabone Parlor with detachers. Cows are housed in a naturally ventilated four-row freestall building with sand bedding and drive-through feeding. The barn also features a bedded pack area for maternity cows. Manure is daily scraped and gravity flows through cross channels into a small storage pit.

Tour maps showing the farm locations can be received by contacting Mark Mayer, UW-Extension Dairy and Livestock Agent, at (608) 328-9440 or Tour information and maps can also be downloaded from the Green County UW-Extension web site at


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