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 By Stan Hook    Sports    January 26, 2023 

Sugar River Euchre

There were a few high scores on January 19th, with a couple of skunks thrown in for the aroma. In the match between the Red Mouse Shufflers and the Viking Bar & Grill Trolls, Shufflers Loretta and...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    January 19, 2023

Sugar River Euchre

The match between the Pipe Benders and Shufflers had some intense moments. The first was when Ross Nesheim and Mike O’Brien broke into a cold sweat after Randy Skogen and Stan Hook made three straig...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    January 12, 2023

Sugar River Euchre

The one thing I love about our Euchre league is that there is always a player you enjoy playing cards with. I am certain that many of you feel the same way. Sadly, we recently lost three such players...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    January 5, 2023

Sugar River Euchre

Results for December 15: The Pipe Benders cross-threaded almost every pipe they attempted to install, while the Pranksters didn’t miss using a single trick from their bag. Partners again this week,...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    December 29, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

December 8th proved to be another night to remember. There was a perfect score, a skunk and a cross corners called against a loan hand. The Trolls have had a tough start to the season and tonight was...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    December 22, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Due to a long delay in our travels back to Wisconsin, this article is shorter than planned in order to meet the deadline. With the help of Jeff Goebler and Jerry Judd’s 111 points, the Hayshakers...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    December 1, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

On December 1st, after a short break for Thanksgiving and deer season, the Sugar River Euchre League is ready to finish the first half of the season. The standings at this point are: Uff-Da 6-0,...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    November 17, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Red Mouse team Uff-Da had one of its easiest nights of the season thus far to remain atop the league as the only undefeated team. The Trolls, for the second week in a row, were not able to field (tabl...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    November 10, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

The Pipe Benders had an easy go of it last week and were able to pull out their second win of the season without playing a single card in competition. With their captain out of town and down three...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    November 3, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

On October 27th that horrific smell experienced in New Glarus on the 20th made its way to the Norsk Golf Club in Mt. Horeb, when Cheese Eaters Kohl Wegner and Jeff Buesser were skunked by Pranksters...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    October 27, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Once again there were three teams that failed to have a single couple reach 100 points. But, before we identify those teams, let’s try to identify that horrific smell you may have noticed if you wer...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    October 20, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Hang on, it looks like we’re in for one heck of a ride this year. The second week was more spectacular than the first. We had several perfect scores, three teams that didn’t have a single couple...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    October 13, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

The first week of the Euchre league is in the books. A few of us wish that wasn’t the case as several teams failed to have anyone reach 100 points and we would like to rewrite history with a do over...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    October 6, 2022

Sugar River Euchre League's 91st Season to Begin

The 91st Sugar River Euchre League season is here. On Thursday, October 6th, we will begin the season less one longtime player and good friend, George Eichelkraut. George was a player that everyone...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    September 15, 2022

Sugar River Euchre League's 91st Season to Begin on October 6th

Euchre players, it’s time to clear your calendar and dust off the cards as we shuffle into the 91st Sugar River Euchre League season. A Captain’s meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., on September...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    April 14, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

After some scheduling and venue issues were resolved, the 2021/2022 Sugar River Euchre League championship match is now in the history books. Earlier...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    March 31, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Individual Averages Sixty-seven players qualified for an average by playing in 13 matches: Steve Hoffmaster, 105.385; Charlie Steinhauer, 105.056; Roger Truttmann, 104.882; Tom Schulenberg, 104.778;...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    March 24, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

The Red Mouse in Pine Bluff hosted the Sugar River Euchre League’s Spring Tournament on March 17th, with 32 in attendance - all with expectations of walking away as the tournament champion. Dave Hoo...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    March 17, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

The Sugar River Euchre League’s 91st regular season came to a close on Thursday, March 10th, with less drama than anticipated. By streaking past the Kleeman’s Hay Shakers with 6 extra points, the...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    March 10, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Much like the Big 10 Conference, any Sugar River Euchre League team can beat their opponent on any given night. That is exactly what happened this past week. The two top teams were knocked down a notc...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    March 3, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

Last week was filled with highlights. There were two perfect scores, two near perfect scores, the lowest score of the season thus far and three couples that avoided receiving a skunk postcard by...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    February 24, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

The Red Mouse Shufflers had high aspirations of derailing the Starlight Express. By the end of the 4th frame, and with a 23-point lead, it looked promising. But with the Express picking up 23 points...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    February 17, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

With just four weeks left in the season, it’s crunch time for many teams. Several can only play the spoiler to those still with some hopes of being crowned champions. Starlight Express is in...

 By Stan Hook    Sports    February 10, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

It has been said that skunks are more prevalent in the spring of the year, but I’m not sure that’s true based on the couple of skunks the Sugar River Euchre League experienced on February 3rd....

 By Stan Hook    Sports    February 3, 2022

Sugar River Euchre

To take sole position of first place and to remain undefeated, the Starlight Express extracted 67 psi from the network of pipes laid by the Pipe Benders. Engineers Tracy Haag and Opie Taylor managed t...


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