Chalgren Appreciates Monticello Public Library

Dear Editor,
As we begin a new year, I would like to recognize and thank librarian, Katrina, and her staff for an outstanding job. From the beginning, Katrina has worked to make everyone welcome. Our Library was even the 2019 recipient of the South Central Library System Foundation’s “Super Awesome Library Award. Many activities such as crafts, speakers, Zoom sessions, Book Club and Movie Day are a few examples of what takes place. I especially enjoyed the watercolor session taught by a local artist, Kathleen D’Angelo, the visit from local, NYT bestselling author and humorist, Michael Perry, and the children craft kits which my grandkids adore. Katrina and her staff will recommend books, obtain requested books for patrons and provide/obtain info regarding COVID and local events. If they do not have an answer, they will give suggestions where you might find answers. There is also internet.
I personally witnessed an event, before COVID restrictions, that illustrates the difference a good librarian and staff can make. A student, who I would guess to be in 5th or 6th grade, came in with a frazzled look on his face. Unenthusiastically, he stated he had forgotten about a report that was soon due and had no ideas for a topic. With patience, Katrina asked questions regarding what he liked and guidelines of the project. Together they came up with a topic and found materials. She even offered paper, pencil and a place to work. He left with a smile, partially completed project, materials and an enthusiastic thank you. Now, being a former teacher, I knew that his teacher and school had previously provided ideas, and materials. His situation may have been of his own making. However, what was important was that he knew to come to a library, Monticello HAS a library and he encountered friendly and caring staff. What a wonderful outcome for the student, community and school!
I encourage everyone to encourage and support our local library. Katrina and her staff welcome and will listen to your suggestions and implement any they can. Keep in mind, while the Library Board encourages and recognizes Katrina and her staff’s hard work, the staff do have to follow the Boards’ guidelines. Try coming to our book club, participate in activities, use materials and check out what a pleasant space our library is. Remember, the use of the library determines some of the funding and materials. We are a small town and we would not want to lose our treasured library. Thank you.
Ellen Chalgren,