Frank Believes Marklein Prefers Staying in Power to Saving Lives

Dear Editor,
Did you know, in at least one way, Senator Howard Marklein is further right, and considerably less forthright than Donald Trump?
In common with Tucker Carlson, Marklein refuses to reveal if he has been vaccinated against COVID-19. (Call his office at 800-978-8008 or at (608) 266-0703, to confirm this accusation.) Under normal circumstances, this would be a problem. But, right now, it is potentially catastrophic.
There is overwhelming evidence that the risks associated with the vaccines are minute, and that the vaccines are highly effective against severe disease caused by the pandemic. They are a critical tool in our fight against this horrific virus. But many Wisconsin residents, egged on by Tucker Carlson et al, need to be convinced of this. (Only 50% of eligible recipients in Juneau County, for example, have been vaccinated.) At least some of those residents would listen to Senator Marklein if he declared his strong belief in the safety, efficacy, and vital importance of the vaccines. In short, he could save lives. But he refuses to do it.
Of course, it is extremely improbable that he hasn’t received the shots. Assuming he has, there is only one way I can account for his obstinate silence: He prefers staying in power to saving lives. I cannot think of a more compelling reason for voting him out at the first opportunity.
David Frank,
Spring Green