Frank Supports Spicer

Dear Editor,
I write in the hope of persuading your Republican-leaning readers to put fundamental democratic principles ahead of party loyalty.
It seems to me obvious that we are on the edge of a frightening crisis and that MAGA Republicans are substantially to blame.
Democracy is utterly dependent on a voluntary social contract. Once the commitment to peacefully accept the will of the majority is broken, autocracy looms. Look to Hungary to see how easily it can happen and how independent courts are quickly circumnavigated. How any rational human being, in the face of overwhelming evidence, can continue to vote for MAGA Republican candidates is beyond my comprehension. And yet people I have always regarded respectfully as rational humans, have consistently supported extreme GOP candidates such as Howard Marklein. (Candidate for reelection to WI Senate, District 17)
To keep this letter brief, I will focus on one item: gerrymandering - one of several corrupt devices that the GOP uses to remain in power, thus thwarting the will of voters and thereby overturning democracy. (Gerrymandering is wicked wherever it occurs, Marylanders take note!) More specifically, I will concentrate on local politicians where the votes of your readers can help turn the tide.
Howard Marklein ludicrously claims that Wisconsin doesn’t have a gerrymandering problem; Todd Novak (Wisconsin Assembly, 51st) is, in some ways, worse: he is a secret gerrymanderer and a blatant hypocrite. He knows full well that rigging maps is flagrantly wicked. He even supported a non-partisan map writing process when there was no chance of it becoming law but as soon Wisconsin Republicans needed universal compliance from their members, he voted for a provision that gave high priority to keeping maps the same – thus perpetuating the ability of an illegitimate minority government to remain in power.
We are being put to the test but fortunately all is not lost. We can vote for candidates who decry gerrymandering and fear the loss of democracy. In the 51st district, please, please support Leah Spicer. Only then can we return to a civilized debate on the issues that confront us.
David Frank,
Spring Green