Kuenzi Remembers Former Resident

Dear Editor,
Dr. John D. Sarbacker passed away recently.
This man was a treasure in NGHS sports and community. There are many locals that can give recollections of his prowess in team leadership and friendship.
John was included in Doc Weirwill’s article remembering the State Line League in 6-man football, as the passing and running quarterback. John helped lead the Glarner basketball team to one game short of the State Tournament when they lost to South Milwaukee. S. Milwaukee won the State Tournament that year. That was prior to Divisional Tournament bracketing. Those teams were amazing to watch at Glarner Park for football and the gymnasium in the Old School on the hill for B Ball. Cheering, screaming and chanting ‘GO GLARNERS!’
The best traits that John possessed included his praising the other players to be better than they possibly could have been alone in the game.
Respectfully yours,
Bill Kuenzi Jr.,