Lake Belle View Closed Due to Algae

Unfortunately, the Village of Belleville was informed of high levels of blue algae in Lake Belle View on Sunday, August 22nd. Therefore, Village officials have closed all areas of access to the Lake within the Village’s jurisdiction until further notice, which means it is not safe to go in the water. Blue algae are single celled bacteria known as cyanobacteria that use sunlight to make their own food. Their growth, which occurs naturally, creates blooms that look like large scummy mats that appear on the surface of lakes and rivers. They tend to be green to blue-green in color, but can also be reddish-purple, or brown, sometimes looking like a coat of paint on the surface of the water.
Some of these blooms are capable of producing toxins. Exposure to these toxins can produce a range of serious reactions, from rashes and lip blistering to harmful effects on the liver and nervous system. Other reactions can include sore throats, headaches, muscular and joint pain, gastrointestinal symptoms and asthmatic reactions. If you believe you have been exposed, wash it off quickly and contact your doctor right away.
When you see blue-green algae bloom, stay out of the water. This means you, your children, and your pets. Dogs swimming in or drinking water covered with a bloom can suffer near fatal or fatal consequences. This also means avoid going through patches of blue-green algae when water skiing or using a Jet Ski type personal watercraft.
Village officials are working with WI DNR and will be in contact with Dane County Emergency Management for help with expertise and resources to cope with this problem.
For more information about blue-green algae, see Public Health Madison and Dane County at