Lettman Completes Eagle Scout Project

Following the summer of 2021, after a year of creating a detailed Project Proposal and Fundraising Proposal that were approved through the Mohawk Council, I proceeded to raise about $5,000 needed for the project from area businesses and individuals. Then, after creating a detailed Project Plan that also needed Council Approval, came the hands on work in the fall of 2021 by personally showing my leadership of implementing the work. My project was to create a 506 foot long by 6 foot wide gravel and crushed granite path walking path north of the Belleville pool. The goal was to connect the Belleville Elementary and High School, Middle school and District office buildings and offer a safe walking path on campus. After the path was complete, I reseeded areas of construction and then finalized my Service Project Report. This report had to be completed and handed in to the Council before my 18th birthday. Not a part of my project, but to finalize the path, during my last semester I created signs in shop class and installed them at both ends of the path just before graduation.
I would like to thank the following people who helped me with the planning and construction. School: Nate Perry, Steve O'Connor, Cindy Halvensleben, Betty Wolff. Troop 61: Dave and Dallas Ziegler, Mark, Christopher, Angelo and Keegan Dohm, John and Ben Remy, Matt and Jacob Ohms. Sugar River Wrestling Team: Matthew and Carson Loshaw, Alex Zelinski. My family: Scott, Cindy, Hunter and Amanda.
Also, I would like to thank the following donors for their generous donations to make this project possible: Bobcat of Madison for the use of a Bobcat; Anthony Buol and Dave Ziegler for their donation of use of their equipment and time. And the following monetary donors: Kids Club, Nyman Construction, Bank of New Glarus, State Bank of Cross Plains, Randy and Connie Lettman, Mike Treder, Francois Ford, Cate Machine, Ken and Nancy Batz, Preferred Home Builders-Anthony and Christina Buol, Kelsch Machine Corp., Helwig Roofing, Christen Brothers Service, Forever 56 Foundation-Steve and Sherry O'Connor, Tamara Houser, Stacey McKinley family, Anderson Custom Processing, Charlie's Bark Park, Gregg and Betty Wolff-Wolff's Farm, State Farm-Mike O'Connor, Robert/Faye Nolden, Edward Jones-Anthony Bridgeman, Tierney Keyes family, Brian and Penny Visauer, Tony Kramer family, Stephanie Gustafson family, Heather Gordon, Tammy Horn family, Michael Johnson, Pete and Lana Swenson, Tara Laberge, Patty Weiler family, Linda Lettman, Borland's, Belleville Hometown Pharmacy, J&M Bar, and many other anonymous community and teacher donors.