Montesian Gardens Hold Final Meeting of the Season

Montesian Gardens held their final 2022 meeting after observing their 25th year. Harold “Heinie” and Wanda Babler served on a tourism committee and toured gardens at Monticello, Iowa. They came home with a dream of creating such a project here in Monticello.
In 1997 plans were begun, starting with planting trees and a few small plots which led to needing brick pathways. The bricks were laid by many volunteers as related by Ed Koca at our September meeting. Wanda was able to attend our May meeting, observing her 94th birthday that day.
The Middle school students and their teachers spread mulch and picked up the winter debris on the Community Service Day, which was much appreciated. Unfortunately due to the creek reconstruction, we had no water this season. Ron and Barb Smith brought in a portable water tank mid-season to rescue the parched plants.
A memorial plaque was placed in the gazebo noting donations by families of trees and benches which have failed to survive garden conditions. Thanks to Carol Schultz, Amstutz-Marty Legion Post and Ron and Barb Smith (Saunders Trifecta) for generous donations.
There are plots available and any volunteers always welcome. We had many visitors and photo ops this summer as well as the Homecoming church service that was very well attended.
The next meeting will be April 18, 2023, at 6:00 p.m.