Monticello Community Club Membership Drive

Monticello Community Club is undergoing its annual membership drive. We would like to invite you or your company to join our organization. In 2022, all of our events were held: the winter Chickaree, the Easter Egg Hunt, and Homecoming. Our community responded with great participation and attendance.
In 2022, profits from the Chickaree and Homecoming went towards the Easter Egg Hunt, Monticello Senior spring scholarships, the yellow fence topper at the park ball diamond, new picnic tables at the park for Homecoming, a canoe access at Lake Montesian, three new park trees, a cabinet for the new AED at the park, flashlights for the Fire Department and donations to Green Cares, Empty Stocking Fund, and the Library. This list is not complete, but captures the spirit and scope of the donations.
The Community Club is in the process of investigating and determining future projects to benefit the greater Monticello Community. You could be involved in the decisions and planning.
Please consider joining our organization and help us bring more good deeds to Monticello. Dues remain just $15.00 for the year for either an individual or organization. Make your check payable to Monticello Community Club and mail to Community Club, PO Box 65, Monticello, WI 53570. Or bring your check to our next meeting. Our meetings are the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Our next meeting is February 23rd at the Rathskeller at 7:00 p.m. We can be reached at
If you are wondering what the Monticello Community Club is - in 1937 the Articles of Organization were filed, showing the following purpose of the Club: <i>To advertise and promote the general welfare of the Village of Monticello, Green County, Wisconsin. To provide entertainment for the residents of Monticello and surrounding communities. To promote a general feeling of good will between town(ship) and village residents of this community, to assist in the protection of health and welfare of the children of the community and such other public service as may be rendered for the good of the community. </i>And that has been happening ever since!