Raiders Remain Undefeated in Conference

To start off the week on Tuesday, September 18th, the Sugar River Raiders faced Columbus on the Raiders' Youth Night for a Capitol Conference matchup. The Raiders came out hot, with Brycen Teasdale converting in the 1st minute off of an assist from Eli Leonard. They were able to keep the momentum rolling in the first half with goals from Jack Leonard, assisted by Dylan Brooks, and Jack Douma, off of a free kick. Sugar River came out quick in the second half to go up 4-0, as Aiden Hatleberg scored 17 seconds into the half off of a cross from Eli Leonard. The Raiders were able to maintain their lead for the rest of the game. After the 4-0 victory, the Raiders moved to 4-0-0 in Capitol Conference competition.
The Raiders traveled to Lake Mills on Thursday, September 20th, ready for another challenging game in the Capitol Conference. After struggling with putting shots on target, Jack Douma found Jack Leonard for a header off of a free kick to give them a 1-0 lead in the 21st minute of the first half. The L-Cats of Lake Mills didn't give up there though, as they continued to try to score. They were able to get past the defensive line and keeper Clayton Streiff with a shot at goal, but Jack Leonard blocked it on a goal-line clearance. In the second half, the Raiders kept pounding but were unable to convert on any more chances, although they were able to keep Lake Mills scoreless. The Raiders are now 5-0-0 in the Capitol Conference after finishing off Lake Mills 1-0.
Knocking off a Division II state-ranked team, the Sugar River Raiders came out with a 2-0 victory against Milton High School on Saturday, September 24th. With a very intense first 10 minutes, Reid Nolden found the back of the net after following up a shot from Aiden Hatleberg in the 9th minute. To keep the train rolling, Jack Douma tapped one through in the 28th minute off of a corner kick from Aiden Hatleberg. Battling through the rest of the first half, the Raiders were on top 2-0. With the Raider's solid defense and the high pressure of their offense, they finished the game, winning 2-0.