Staff Members Honored in Retirement

Marie Perry, Communications Director for the School District of Belleville

Mary Fell, Marsha Rear, Wendy Berg and Kristi Miller celebrate their retirement. Photo courtesy of Marie Perry


Summer gives us a chance to pause and reflect and honor the people who make our work life and schools a better place.  As school let out in early June, the School District of Belleville honored four of its best who’s combined years of service total 80 years.  At their retirement celebration, District Administrator Nate Perry marked their longevity with pivotal moments in how our society was changing and in-so-doing emphasized their commitment, dedication, and loyalty to the School District of Belleville.

Perry noted, “Marsha Rear started teaching in Belleville in 1989.  That is pre-Internet!  Kristi Miller started teaching in Belleville in 1997.  That is pre-cell phone!  Wendy Berg started teaching in Belleville in 2008.  That is pre-Act 10!  Mary Fell started at the elementary school on March 9, 2020…March 9, 2020.  That is four days before the world shut down during the pandemic!

Marsha Rear taught for 34 years, Kristi Miller educated kids for 27 years, Wendy Berg made the classroom her home for 16 years, and Mary Fell helped families, staff, and students from 2020 on to find their way through the day-to-day problem-solving every school needs.  Belleville has felt the impact of each and every one of these wonderful women’s work during the time they have served the community of Belleville.  Whether it was through building an amazing Pre-K program, offering a strong elementary curriculum and warm inviting classrooms, or managing the needs of staff, students, and families in the elementary school office – each of these professionals helped build success for Belleville’s learning community over the years.

The School District of Belleville is proud to have the legacy of the work these four have laid down to continue to build a strong learning environment for future generations of students who come through the doors of the elementary school, but it is also important to acknowledge the vast level of experience and dedication Belleville has known through the work of these four retirees.  These are four individuals who knew their students, supported their colleagues, and made a home away from home for the families who sent their students each day to school.  They will be missed, but they have provided a wonderful foundation for Belleville to continue to give its learning community the very best.