Sugar River Euchre

This week saw the year’s first forfeit, couples tying for both this week’s high and low scores, a skunk and two teams taking a one match advantage over six other teams. It was the Starlight Express that hung on to defeat the Norsk Cowboys by 7 to remain undefeated. Whereas, the Kleeman’s Bar & Grill Hay Shakers found their match less stressful when they shook the Pranksters out of 42 points to join the Express in the undefeated category.
The Jones’ Plumbing Pipe Benders used the big pipe wrenches in their 28-point win over the Red Mouse Shufflers. The only bright aspect of the match for the Shufflers came when Stan Hook and Randy Skogen picked up 14 points in the seventh round when they nearly skunked Jerome Krantz and Pat Collins. Unfortunately, the ink wasn’t even dry from recording that score when Shufflers Derek Skogen and Shane Kahl reported that they had been skunked at the hands of Pat Farrell and Scott Perhaska. Derek and Shane’s mail will be a little smelly.
The J&M Bar River Rats also had a rough night, losing to the Red Mouse Mounties by 29 points. But no one had a night quite as rough as Walk-On Trolls’ captain Scott Hook who couldn’t pull enough players from under the bridge to form a team. Therefore, without even dealing a single hand, the Sportsman’s Bar & Grill Cheese Eaters captured all the cheese. The forfeit will not affect the average scores of either team, just their win/loss records.
This week’s high score of 110 points was recorded by two couples: Pranksters Chris Hook and Tom Schulenberg, along with Hay Shakers Barb Judd and Rick Skindrud. This week’s low score of 87 points was also shared by two couples: Pranksters Laurel Grindle and Larry Losenegger, and Shufflers Dewey Haag and Steve Vogt.
Standings: Kleeman’s 2-0; Starlight Express 2-0; Pranksters 1-1; Shufflers 1-1; Cowboys 1-1; Jones Plumbing 1-1; Mounties 1-1; Sportsman’s Bar 1-1; J&M Bar 0-2; Trolls 0-2.
January 27 Schedule: Mounties @ Kleeman’s (7:30); Pranksters @ J&M Bar (8:00); Sportsman’s Bar @ Cowboys (7:00); Starlight @ Jones’ Plumbing (7:00); Walk-On @ Shufflers (7:00).