Sugar River Euchre

The one thing I love about our Euchre league is that there is always a player you enjoy playing cards with. I am certain that many of you feel the same way. Sadly, we recently lost three such players in Lyle Fink (July 21, 1936-November 29, 2022), Carlton (Sam) Severson (February 9, 1933-December 29, 2022), and Dean Herfel (September 9, 1959-January 5, 2023). All three were avid Euchre players and a pain in the backside as opponents. But I don’t know of anyone that ever played against them that didn’t enjoy the challenge or their friendship. All three will truly be missed.
As for last week’s results, the Express heard a loud Uff-Da from Tom Magnuson’s team when they knocked 19 Um Pa Pas out of them. Engineers Charlie Steinhauer and Steve (Hoffy) Hoffmaster led the assault for the Express by shoveling 114 points into the boilers. However, Jim Day and John Baumgartner countered the attack by throwing 113 buckets of water on the Express coal pile. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to cover the 73, this week’s low score, recorded by Curt Herfel and Bruce Milestone.
The match between the traveling River Rats and the Shufflers went back and forth all night. The perfect round by the Shufflers in the 2nd frame gave them the cushion they were looking for, and that they needed. By the end of the 6th frame the Shufflers found themselves down by 3. After 7, they lead again by 1. Then, in the eighth frame, the Shufflers gained 14 points on the Rats to win by 15. Losing only in the 5th frame to Jack Gehin and Mark Raders, Stan Hook and Randy Skogen trapped 117 points for the Shufflers.
In the other match played in Pine Bluff, at the home of the Pipe Benders, Cowboys Roger Olstad and Dave Willborn also had a great night. After being beaten twice by Pipe Benders Jerome Krantz and Chris Booth, they were still able to finish with 117 points. Steve Dower and Bob Funseth added another 114 points to the Cowboys’ total. Close behind were Ferdie Schmitz and Dean Disch, with another 113 points. The Cowboys having 3 perfect rounds, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, and without a single Pipe Bender breaking 100, the Pipe Benders found themselves 93 points short of a win.
It was an extremely tough night for the Cheese Eaters in their match against the Kleeman Hay Shakers. The change of venue, due to the home bar being closed for the holidays, may have played a role in the Cheese Eaters’ 100-point eradication. However, two of the Cheese Eaters went down fighting. In their valiant efforts, Kendal Wenger and Jeff Buesser managed to spoil two perfect scores. They stopped Barb Judd and Don Williams by 1-point in the 2nd frame and Jeff Judd and Rick Skindrud by 5 in their 6th frame. Barb and Don ended the match with 119 points, this week’s high score, while Jeff and Rick finished with 115 points. If you recall, it was in week two that Kleeman’s had two couples with perfect scores.
The Trolls, with a horrible first half, started the 2nd half with a ton of confidence and hope. They had their best match of the season, ending the night with 401 points. This is the largest total team score they’ve ever recorded. Three Troll couples scored over 100 points. After losing only their 5th game to Laurel Grindle and Rodney Latham, Roger Fager and Kurt Wedig led the way with 113 points for the Trolls. At one point in the match the Pranksters were up by as many as 46 points, but the Trolls fought back hard only to lose by a single point. We better keep an eye on the Trolls.
Schedule for January 12, 2023: Express @ Cowboys (7:00); Pipe Benders @ Shufflers (7:00); Cheese Eaters @ Trolls (7:00); Pranksters @ Hay Shakers (7:30); Uff-Da @ River Rats (8:00).
Standings: Cowboys, 1-0; Express, 1-0; Hay Shakers, 1-0; Shufflers, 1-0; Pranksters, 1-0; Pipe Benders, 0-1; River Rats, 0-1; Cheese Eaters, 0-1; Trolls, 0-1; Uff-Da, 0-1.