Tell Shooting Park Listed in National Register of Historic Places

The Wilhelm Tell Shooting Park was entered into the National Register of Historic Places on August 20, 2021. This project began in early spring, when the Wisconsin State Historical Society Preservation section contacted a member of the New Glarus Historic Preservation Commission asking that person to complete a pre-qualification form to determine eligibility of the property to be entered into the national register. The completed form was approved. The State then hired Elisabeth Miller of Madison to complete and submit the final forms (20 plus pages) for approval.
“We are pleased to inform you that the property, Wilhelm Tell Schuetzen Haus and Park, Town of New Glarus, Green County, Wisconsin, will be considered by the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Review board for nomination to the Wisconsin State Register of Historic places and the National Register of Historic Places. The National Register of Historic Places is the federal government’s official list of historical properties worthy of preservation. The state register is Wisconsin’s parallel program. Listing in the state and national registers provides recognition and assists in preserving our Nation’s heritage.”
Listing of the property provides recognition of its historic importance and assures protective review of federal, state and municipally-planned projects that might adversely affect the character of the historic property. If the property is listed in the National Register, certain federal investment tax credits for rehabilitation and other provisions may apply. The Wisconsin statutes also provide for state tax credits for certain qualified projects.
Listing in the State Register or National Register does not mean that limitations will be placed on the properties by the federal or state government. Public visitation rights are not required of the owners. Neither the federal or state government will attach restrictive covenants to the properties or to seek to acquire them. Wisconsin statutes require that local units of government must submit written notification to the Wisconsin Historical Society when owners of Register properties apply for demolition permits. The Society, if it chooses, has a 30-day period to document the property prior to demolition.
Funding for the nomination was provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society.