Wildcats Cross Country Hosts Home Invitational

The Wildcat High School and Middle School runners had a busy week. Not only were we looking forward to hosting our home invitational, but the Middle School runners traveled to Oregon last Tuesday.
The Oregon course was roughly 2,400 meters, as the course needed to be modified due to flooding. The girls ran first, with separate 7th grade and 8th grade races. Avery Holverson, our 7th grader, ran her first meet of the season, finishing with a time of 19:45. The 8th grade girls were led by Leyna Westphal (13:48). She was followed by Meara Allen (14:04), Sophie Howard (14:08) and Emily Fahrenkrug (20:04).
The 7th grade boys were led by Matt Allen with a time of 13:16, who was followed by Ethan Kaetterhenry (14:31). Carson Biermeier led the 8th grade boys with a finishing time of 12:10. Carson was followed by Aiden Buol (13:37), Noah Hesch (14:06), Brady Noble (15:06), and Shannon McCall (22:05).
This past Saturday we officially ran on our new course! A west loop was added that reached towards the woods. Therefore, new course records were set!
The winner of the Varsity girl’s race was Eliza Pfarr of the Home School Eagles. The Wildcats were led by Alora Spiegel, who placed 13th and received a ribbon, with a time of 23:25. She was followed by Lainey Winkers (25:07), Alice Elliott (28:07), Ruby Gustafson (29:58) and Maddie Miller (31:29). The JV Girls were led by Allison Dyhaug (33:10) and Annika Esselstrom (36:46).
For the boy’s race the course record was set by our own Carter Scholey, who finished with a time of 17:13! He was followed by Angelo Dohm, who was recognized for his 10th place finish with a time of 19:14. Rounding out the rest of the Varsity team was Jackson Scholey, recognized for an 18th place finish (20:08), Niles Monroe (20:55), William Booth (21:45), Blake Johnson (22:16) and Aiden Campbell (22:32).
The boy’s JV was led by Christopher Weber with a time of 25:01, which is a season best! Christopher was followed by Adrian Jenkins (25:09), Ben Remy (26:18), William Gobel (26:45), Shepard Nass (27:04), Keegan Dohm (36:13), and Dallas Ziegler (42:42).
The Middle School girls finished as follows: Leyna Westphal (14:35), Meara Allen (15:32) and Emily Farhenkrug (18:33). Carson Biermeier led the boys with a time of 11:38, followed by Aiden Buol (12:29), Matt Allen (12:42), Ethan Kaetterhenry (12:58), Noah Hesch (13:19), Brady Noble (15:33) and Shannon McCall (20:08).
I want to personally thank all the friends, family, and staff that helped out at our home meet. We couldn’t do this without you! I also want to thank our parent representatives, Stephanie Gustafson and Angie Scholey, for organizing concessions, picking up apparel and being fantastic people. It goes without saying that we have wonderful people in our Cross Country family. Thank you parents for your continued support, and lastly, great job seniors, at your ‘last’ home meet!