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Jeromes Support Belz for Exeter Board Chair

Dear Editor, Have you ever attended a town board meeting? Have you thought much about the responsibilities delegated to your local town board? Probably not, unless an issue has come up that concerns... Full story


Thoemke Supports Truttmann for New Glarus Village President

Dear Editor, I served with New Glarus Village President Roger Truttmann for 8 years on the New Glarus Village Board, and in that time I came to like and respect him as a person. I’ve never doubted h... Full story


Stoikes Urges Voters to Consider Value of Exeter Park When Voting

Dear Editor, The spring election is approaching and one issue that divides the candidates for Exeter Township Chairman is the overall value of Exeter Park to the community. The park sits along the... Full story


Magnify The Impact of Your Vote

Dear Editor, The outcome of the April 2 Supreme Court Race will help shape the future of Wisconsin for years, possibly decades. At stake are crucial issues including voting rights, gerrymandering,... Full story


Monticello Community Center Needed

To all Monticello and Green County area residents, We have a chance to purchase a building in Monticello. The former quilting store, on the corner of Main Street and North Street. So this notice is to... Full story


Community Came Together for New Library and Community Center

Dear Editor, The Village of Belleville is going to have a new Library and Community Center next Spring. On Monday, February 18th, the Belleville Village Board approved a $3.3 million contract with... Full story


Free Screening of "No Small Matter" for Community Members

Letter to the Editor, The lack of high-quality child care is creating a loss of $3 billion annually in Wisconsin. Because our non-profit group of child care professionals understands how critical the... Full story


Drinking Water Better Tasting in Wisconsin

Dear Editor, Our Post Messenger Recorder arrived today – the January 31st edition – considering we currently reside in Rogers, Arkansas, we feel fortunate to receive the PMR so quickly (this... Full story


Is Vacant Building in Monticello Fit for Community Center?

To all Monticello and Green County area residents, We have a chance to purchase a building in Monticello. The former quilting store, on the corner of Main Street and North Street. So this notice is to... Full story


Snow Pile Creates Dangerous Situation on Homeowner's Property

Dear Editor, From 1968 until 2000, I lived at 57 Co. Hwy U, Belleville. All those years, the Dane County Highway Dept. trucks turned around in the mouth of our driveway. They did much damage – they... Full story


Winter Road Conditions Not Good in Washington Township

Dear Editor, My statement is short and to the point. Our roads this past cold and icy spell have been more than pathetic. I wish I could pick and choose NOT to pay my township taxes as they seem to... Full story


Have You Heard of QPR?

Dear Editor, Have you heard Of CPR? Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), explained by the American Heart Association as, “An emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. Im... Full story


Polar Vortex Didn't Stop Blood Donors

Dear Editor, The Polar Vortex did interfere with our annual winter Belleville Kiwanis-Econo-misers Red Cross Blood Drive on January 29th. Though we did not reach our goal, the Red Cross was pleased... Full story


Marion Urges Rural Homeowners to Test Wells

Dear Editor, Hallelujah! In last week’s State of the State address, Governor Tony Evers declared 2019 The Year of Clean Drinking Water in Wisconsin. Of course, the Governor is preaching to the... Full story


Belleville Community Giving Tree Thankful for Community Support

Dear Editor, The 2018 Belleville Community Giving Tree program helped to provide gifts for 91 children in 35 families. Each child received gifts and/or gift cards and each family received a grocery... Full story


Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It

Dear Editor, If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in Wisconsin, this message is primarily for you. When you attend an athletic event that involves your son or daughter, cheer... Full story


No Need to 'Warm Up' Modern Vehicles in Cold Weather

Dear Editor, It is that time of the year when many motorists wonder if they need to let their vehicle “warm up” or idle before driving. In fact, today’s modern cars are ready to drive in cold... Full story


Friends of the New Glarus Public Library Grateful for Community's Support

Dear Editor, The Friends of the New Glarus Library want to extend our big thanks to the wider New Glarus area, which definitely extends well beyond the boundaries of the village of New Glarus. We had... Full story


Holmes' Grateful for EMS Service

Dear Editor, In this season of giving, many of us are especially attuned to those who have given so much to the rest of us during the last year. While we have been grateful to those who generously... Full story


New Glarus Blood Drive Fast Approaching

Dear Editor and New Glarus Area Residents, It’s that time of year again where everyone is asking for donations, but this one is the most important one you can ever give, the Gift of Life. Every... Full story


Residents of New Glarus Home Send Season's Greetings

Dear Editor, During the past two weeks, the residents at the New Glarus Home were treated to their annual Christmas Shopping Event and Christmas Party. This year our shopping event was made even bette... Full story


Spring 2019 Election

Dear Editor, As a resident of a local municipality, have you wondered why your governmental officials make the decisions they do? If you have and you think you would like to be more involved in that p... Full story


A Christmas Present

Dear Editor, Governor Walker should use his ex-privilege to restore the rights lost under Governor Doyle (Democrat) such as took away power from local control (county and township) and bonding and... Full story


Friends of the Chalet Grateful for Grant Award

Thank You New Glarus Community Foundation! Dear Editor, On behalf of the Village of New Glarus and the Friends of the Chalet of the Golden Fleece Museum, we wish to again extend our heartfelt thank... Full story


Wicker Wants Dog Owners to Clean Up

Dear Editor, What kind of a maniac doesn’t clean up after their dog poops on a public sidewalk or grassy area? I’ll tell you. It’s the type of maniac that is lazy, ignorant, selfish,... Full story


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