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Gone in an Instant

Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss


It seems like every day there’s a new security breach. Whether it’s at Sony, Target or a locally owned small business, customer’s data and information is put at risk. But Richard Marty, at Compel Consulting, has a compelling solution that’s as simple as 1-2-3, or more precisely, 3-2-1.

Compel’s 3-2-1 principle encourages its small and medium business customers to always ensure data is backed up to three locations, in two different formats (i.e. an in house server, an online server, or storage in a cloud) and one off-site storage location like an external hard drive or backup computer.

“By employing this diversified system, local small businesses can ensure a redundancy that can protect against any data loss,” said Marty. “It is entirely possible for one of these systems to fail, which is why it’s important to have the data in two other diverse places to reach a secure redundancy level.”

While some people might balk at the added expense and time of backing up data in multiple locations, Marty is quick to point out that adding in a nightly cycle to backup data is a lot simpler than figuring out how to restore the every bit of data in the event of catastrophic data loss. Marty also emphasizes that no two customers are the same. While data storage and security are important for every business, each will have their own needs. For example, the cloud could provide a great backup solution for some customers, but the scale of it might overwhelm other customers who might need more customized off-site solutions.

“In the end, who does own your data? If it’s not secure, if it’s not backed up, nobody really does. But a company should always know where their data is and how it’s being handled. Only then is it truly their data,” said Marty.


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