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We The People Referendum To Be On April Ballot


January 11, 2018

Dear Editor,

The Green County Board of Supervisors passed by a 15 to 14 vote to place the We The People amendment referendum on the County ballot for April 3, 2018.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the 15 board members who voted yes for the referendum.  You deserve the thanks and appreciation of your constituents.  You all truly recognize your duties as an elected local official to Democratically represent the will of the people in local government.

The 14 who voted NO, your actions speak volumes about your disregard for the civil liberties of your constituents. Specifically, Supervisor Harvey Kubly stated that the referendum was “unnecessary because the issue was one for the state or federal lawmakers” and “would be a waste of time and money.”  This mindset is profoundly misguided.

The United States is a Democratic Republic based on a Constitution in which our officials are elected by The People to represent the will of The People, who are sovereign, in their legislative processes.  The ultimate power is vested in The People who vote and direct our representatives to act upon the behalf of the majority.  The local grassroots level allows Americans to solicit their state and federal government to act upon the will of The People.  It is not a waste of time or money to allow the citizens of Green County to vote on legislation that impacts their right to fair elections and government that is free from corruption.

The volunteer grassroots movement known as Green County United To Amend have been working over the past two years to see the We The People amendment referendums passed in the following municipalities with the percentage listed as follows:  Cities of Monroe 82% and Brodhead 85%; Townships of Clarno 85%, York 86%, Monticello 86%, New Glarus 83%, Mount Pleasant 84%, Decatur 89%, Cadiz 87%, Jordan over 80%; and the Villages of New Glarus 88% and Belleville 85%.

Supervisors who voted NO for the referendum on the County Ballot have constituents in these municipalities!  They have used their voice by voting and the majority have been in favor of the We The People referendum. As elected public servants, your personal bias should not a factor.  Citizens please take note!  To learn more about the WE THE PEOPLE amendment please take the opportunity to educate yourself on the referendum.  Visit Green County United To Amend at, Wisconsin United To Amend at, also on Facebook. Also, South Central WI United to Amend on Facebook.

The survival of our Democracy depends on us.

Jeanette Kelty,

Co-Chair Green County United To Amend


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