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Supporting Jones for U.S. Senate


July 19, 2018

Dear Editor,

A while back, I was asked who I thought I would endorse for the U.S. Senate and I really didn’t know what to say. I, along with a lot of American citizens, were feeling pretty disappointed in our governmental process. I started to do a little searching, and discussing with friends about my concerns, some gave their opinions, as to whom they were going to vote for, and others didn’t know. Then I found Griffin Jones. I looked into his beliefs and convictions, and I was very impressed! It is definitely time for a change, for “new blood” to step up, and take charge with new ideas and plans to help Wisconsin stay strong, and also to be the encouragement of strength for our great country. After following his campaign for months and talking to him several times, I can say with absolute confidence, that the person I endorse for United States Senator is Griffin Jones!

Griffin sees the division that is happening in our country and is committed to working to bridge the divide. He knows what is happening to our farmers and truckers, understands how important they are to Wisconsin and is committed to working to improve those industries. He has connected with countless outdoorsmen and women, people like him and they have supported him big time. Griffin doesn’t support the big money billionaires and Super PACs, he wants to work only for the people of Wisconsin. Griffin believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death with dignity.

I urge everyone to look beyond the “same old way” of doing things, and vote for the change we need in our country. Vote Griffin Jones for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate!

Karen Delis,

Auburndale, WI


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