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Thomson Endorses Evers for Governor


August 2, 2018

Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks ago, Tony Evers spent the day meeting with public officials and private business folks in Monroe and other parts of Green County. We also met with Green County Democratic leaders in the Monroe Democratic office. Not once did I slip up and introduce him as Tony Earl.

I asked Tony as we started out what was his agenda for the day. “To listen,” he responded. One of the first stops was at the Monroe Mayor’s office. After a discussion of development issues, Tony expressed his view that development should be Regional so all parts of the state had a chance to thrive.

At another stop, there was considerable discussion about the impact of the state budget on our medical resources. When asked about staffing, the answer was that retention was better than national averages because it was a good place to work. On the way to the next stop Tony volunteered that was his strategy at the Dept of Public Instruction: respect for employees.

Lastly, I get the drift from fellow Democrats wondering if Tony is up to confronting Walker. Well, of course he has sued to allow the Dept to retain its own legal counsel in litigation. That’s kind of “in your face”. But more importantly, when we met with the Green County Dems, he was thoughtful and specific (if we are going to get gun safety legislation it has to start with a strong bipartisan vote for back ground checks - an important first step). And energetic. Good direct questions led to good direct responses. On money in politics he did resist the urging to not take large contributions. Much like Russ Feingold’s position before McCain, Feingold was law, he has to win within the rules that are now the law. We can aspire to change but until it comes we have to be practical and win.

Tony’s position on internet infrastructure, roads, and education are well known so I won’t go into them here, except for this. When asked about free college tuition he believes that students should have a stake in their education.

All in all, it was a very impressive day. I’m privileged to have had that much time with Tony and pleased to support Tony Evers for Governor.

Gof Thomson,

New Glarus


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