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Road Rally 2018


December 6, 2018

Barb and I started planning in August. We took a few trips around the north addition, not really pinning anything down, but kind of setting the route. Later on, we really concentrated on people’s yards, etc., for the rally goers to find. It is amazing that we can spot unusual, and sometimes unbelievably different sorts of things that people have in their yards. This is NOT a complaint! We love it and it’s great that people are so creative!! After the initial couple of trips, we got in the car and headed to the Blanchardville area. I think we got lost three times. Barb loves the Gazetteer. We somehow kept losing track of where we wanted to be because our map reading skills were failing us. She hands the book to me and that is a big mistake. I do not know the area, and of course we want to be on little roads, not highways. That route took us forever before we got comfortable, but great stuff came out of that ride!!

We kept driving by this one house, where lots of ATVs were, and by the way, they are legal to drive all over that county. Barb decided that we should stop and ask the guy if we could plant something at his place. We had stopped there once before as were so lost, we needed help. So this time, we asked his name and conversation continued. Barb asked if he knew who we were, he stated that he she didn’t look familiar but that I did!!! THIS never happens. I told him who I was and the connection was through the EMS.

Post Messenger Recorder PMR New Glarus Monticello Belleville News Publishing

Getting to see Lake Yellowstone, week after week, was fun! It was very entertaining when we were at the dam in the park. There were outhouses there. Power of suggestion overtook me so I walked over there, she stayed in the car. I immediately turned around as it was a two-seater and there was no separation of them and no lock on the door. She leaned out so I yelled that she had to stand guard. She said she would ‘beep’ if anyone was coming!! Clean as a whistle in there though!! Ending up at Cork Down was a real treat! We walked through the door; and the interior full of fishing memorabilia and larger than I thought it was going to be. There were people there each time we stopped, as a matter of fact; I think Barb knew somebody every time. People were always coming to hug her!! They make a great burger there and you should all take a ride to this beautiful part of Wisconsin and stop for one! Tell them the Barbs sent you! I want to take Roger there, if I can find my way back!

The country side was absolutely full of quirky, oddly placed items, lot of fun things for our rally people to locate. We were on this one road, that had a Castle, a railroad crossing in their yard; Full size and also two huge oil tanks made in to Holstein cows, in the middle of nowhere! We got to the end, and we were puzzled that we were not going to get to our stop from there, and I told Barb, we have to use this road; it has so much on it, way out here in the boonies that we can’t pass it up. And we saw deer a number of times while test driving. We obviously figured it all out and we loved it!

We also wanted to add that the Sheriff’s Deputy that we met was very nice to us and happy to hand us a card so that we could notify his department all the details of the rally, as far as time and how many cars to expect, etc.

We took a very roundabout way to get to Mount Vernon with plenty of gorgeous vistas to view and ended up at Marcene’s. It’s a very popular place and there are lots of people who stop in there all times of day. Back towards Belleville, never taking the most convenient way to get there but always finding gold, as far as items we are asking them to locate. We ended up at the Dam Bar and this we had to keep under wraps because one of our participants is part-owner. Trying to do this behind her back was top priority. That bar was so loud that afternoon and evening and I think we were good for business!

We hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the ride and most of all, were able to figure it out. We used different languages to say left and right that stumped a few right off the bat! Some of our regulars were happy as they really enjoyed the challenge! We were disappointed that one of our UFOs was ripped away from the tree, or post we attached it to. We always want everyone to be able to find their way and this was disappointing. Many of the cars that came upon the missing saucer took pics of the area and showed up to prove they were there. It’s almost easy to figure out who did it! We chat prior to sending all the cars out and in the rules we imply that everyone wants to have fun, so don’t throw the game pieces around, so that everyone can participate. Also, this year there were a couple of new stuffed animals that had UFOs stapled on to them. The DOG is missing!!! Not cool.

We removed the ‘Stile” question out of the game. We will have our thank you list in next week’s paper, so please watch for that! We could not do the Rally without their cooperation!!!

The placement list is now listed below:

1: Car 19, Brains on Wheels (Sokols), 2,551 points; 2: Car 2, Spice Rack, 2,437 points; 3: Car 11, Noo go, 2,425 points; 4: Car 12, Space Invaders, 2,382 points; 5: Car 17, Ba Ba Ba Basco Bitches, 2,377 points; 6: Car 26, Space Force, 2,368 points; 7: Car 4, Nolden 4, 2,348 points; 8: Car 13, It’s all relative, 2,344 points; 9: Car 9, Gingerbread Girls, 2,318 points; 10: Car 28, Outlaws, 2,253 points; 11: Car 23, Journey, 2,227 points; 12: Car 30, The Other Team, 2,201 points; 13: Car 27, Little Mac Attack, 2,194 points; 14: Car 14, Seek & Destroy, 2,193 points; 15: Car 1, Rooster in the hen house, 2,162 points; 16: Car 16, S. Paoli, 2,159 points; 17: Car 8, We’re here for the Boos, 2,100 points; 18: Car 24, Kratts Team, 2,096 points; 19: Car 10, Lost in Space, 2,067 points; 20: Car 5, Lost, 2,012 points; 21: Car 14, Beagles Bullys, 1,985 points; 22: Car 20, 3 Moody Heifers and little Bull, 1,967 points; 23: Car 7, Born to Wander, 1,935 points; 24: Car 28, Where the Fugawee, 1,770 points; 25: Car 30, Dynamic Duo, 1,720 points; 26: Car 3, Shotty Hotty, 1,504 points.

Car 22 and 6 quit, so no scoring for them.

Had a great visit with Barb today, shared a couple of tunes that Carol created which made her giggle!!

She is doing her therapy and had quite a few stories to share. She has a gorgeous Blue Poinsettia in her room, and is enjoying all the cards that she is receiving.

We are happy you were able to join us on the rally and, until next time, enjoy your holidays!!

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