By Stan Hook
League Reporter 

Sugar River Euchre


December 6, 2018

It is official, no matter what happens on December 6th in the match between the Riley Shufflers and the Norsk Cowboys, the Cowboys have already secured their spot in the 2018/2019 championship match to be held in March 2019. Kleeman’s were in a must win situation last week to stay in contention with the Cowboys but found it impossible to shake the River Rats from the hay. Rats Jack Gehin and Gordie Miller nested 113 points while teammates Jim Gehin and Kurt Beutel added another 110 to the Rats’ total. But, the highlight of the match was the delivery of this season’s first skunk. The recipients of that di-stink-tion are Jeff Judd and Al Zimmerman. They received a zero at the hands of Harry Gehin and Mark Raders in the seventh frame. For this they will receive a special award from me in the mail. Jeff and Al finished the night with just 80 points. Unfortunately for Harry and Mark, their charity in giving a skunk didn’t protect them from receiving this week’s low score of 79. The Hay Shakers lost the match by 20 points and were knocked out of the race and into second place.

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In third place and coming off their fifth win, the Riley Shufflers will attempt to hand the Cowboys their first loss of the half this Thursday in the final match of the half. Last week, the Shufflers held all four Harley Blue Express players under 100 points to deal-up an 83-point victory. Dave Herfel, Pat Maclean, Derek Skogen and Dewey Haag all added 113 points to the Shufflers total. But it was Ed Chancellor and Randy Skogen that led the way, bagging 115 points for the Shufflers.

The Norsk Pranksters barely kept It’s Time under thumb with a 7-point win over the Mounties. Greg Burreson and Rodney Latham left the biggest imprint, placing 111 points into the Pranksters’ hat. In the match between Jones’ Plumbing and S’Wisco Taphaus, the Pipe Benders had a 36-gallon lead at the half. However, there must have been some type of anomaly in the second half as the pipes began to rattle, eventually bursting and allowing the water to flow freely from the reservoir. By the end of the eighth frame, the Pipe Benders had lost the 36 gallons of water previously stored in the reservoir and pumped an additional 30 gallons into the Cheese Eaters’ wheelhouse. Ed Wettach and George Eichelkraut collected 111 morsels of cheese while Bryan Buesser and Cheese Master Kendal Wenger collected 116 for this week’s high score.

Randy Skogen currently leads the league with a 107-point average having played seven games thus far. Marvin Thompson, Rick Skindrud, Jack Gehin, Dan Palmer, Jeff Judd, Dean Disch, Don Field and Derek Skogen have all played at least six games, and all have a 104 plus average.

Standings: Norsk Cowboys 7-0; Kleeman’s 6-2; Riley 5-2; J&M Bar 4-3; Norsk Pranksters 4-3; S’Wisco Taphaus 3-4; Harley Blue Express 1-6; Jones’ Plumbing 1-6; It’s Time 1-6.

Schedule for December 6: J&M Bar @ S’Wisco Taphaus (8:00); It’s Time @ Jones’ Plumbing (7:00); Norsk Pranksters @ Harley Blue (8:00); Riley Shufflers @ Norsk Cowboys (7:30); Kleeman’s – Bye.


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