Showcasing Green County: Alice in Dairyland Finals Fast Approaching


January 3, 2019

Green County has been locally, state and nationally known for our abundance of history and heritage. From our farmland all the way to our cheese, when you tell someone where you are from, they know exactly where it is. We have our local community Dairy Queens, Beef Queens, Cheese Days Ambassador, even an area Brown Swiss Queen, who help promote our diverse and family first agriculture. Green County is the quintessential of food, family, and fun! In March and May of 2019, that history and heritage will be showcased to the entire state of Wisconsin, as Green County plays host to the 72nd Alice in Dairyland Finals.

The planning began all the way back in 2017, when Green County was chosen to host by the Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection office, where Alice in Dairyland is employed during her year of service. As soon as 2018 rolled around, local volunteers started planning and putting together not only a year of events for the 71st Alice in Dairyland, Kaitlyn Riley, to attend, but also planning the events for March and May. In March, candidates who have been selected to run for the 72nd Alice in Dairyland are announced for the first time in front of media and state-wide audiences online. That is being planned for March 15, 2019, in New Glarus. Along with being announced, candidates will be able to get a small taste of Green County while here for the day. A small tour, food, and learning about Green County’s history will be on tap. In May, when the big event is held May 9th-11th, candidates will be going on local tours of businesses, trying more delightful Green County food, and preparing for the big night. The finale on May 11th will include a banquet at Turner Hall with the Finale Program and selection of the next Alice in Dairyland happening at the Middle School Auditorium. Please watch for more information soon about how to purchase your tickets.

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Throughout this year, Kaitlyn has been to some of Green County’s best. She has talked with many, learned history, eaten a whole lot, and treasured every single event. At the fair she was able to help auction fair exhibitors’ animals, talk with many fairgoers and exhibitors, try the famous Optimist cheese curds, and get her first real taste of what the county has to offer. At Cheese Days she spent the whole day exploring! Quilt tours, speaking, and doing the Limburger Challenge to name a few! She even got to peek behind the scenes of the Optimist Cheese Curd stand while also learning the history. She didn’t leave hungry that day! Recently she attended the After 5 Chamber of Commerce event along with the Holiday Tree lighting in Monroe. This event was truly magical. She was able to speak to local Chamber members about her year so far and all that she does. She learned how to make Bratzelis, learned about more agriculture history in Green County, and then, to top off the night, light the first candle on the Christmas Tree. The overall experience was one to never forget, for anyone!

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As 2019 comes upon us, the hard work planning and preparing doesn’t end. The Green County Committee is still taking donations to help prepare for the events. If you would like to sponsor the Alice in Dairyland Finals, please contact us at or Committee Chair Trisha Pernot at (608) 214-5898, Lynn Lokken, Committee Co-Chair, at (608) 558-3476, or Pam Burke, Treasurer, at (608) 558-4998. If your business or group would also like to host Kaitlyn, 71st Alice in Dairyland, please contact us to make arraignments. We are always looking for more ways to host her in county!


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