Travel Award Commitments Presented to Future Marines


January 24, 2019

Photo courtesy of Larry Jackson

The Ben Jackson Foundation awarded Sean Mattmann (center) a Travel Award Commitment on Saturday. Mattmann is a 2018 graduate of New Glarus High School and will be headed to Marine Corps basic training in March. Jen and Larry Jackson presented Mattmann with the award during Winter Fest.

The Ben Jackson Foundation awarded two Travel Award Commitments this past Saturday. Sean Mattmann and Marcus Steindl will be leaving soon for Marine Corps basic training.

Sean Mattmann was awarded his Travel Award commitment at the Winter Fest Veteran's Festival and Reunion. This event has been held annually in New Glarus for the past 33 years.

A 2018 graduate of New Glarus High School, Mattmann enlisted in the United States Marine Corps this past October. "Joining the Marines had been on my mind since my senior year and I finally made a decision to pursue it. I'm doing it because I realized USA is not free without a military protecting it," he said.

Mattmann will be departing for basic training at the beginning of March and will head to Camp Pendleton in southern California, which is one of two locations for Marine Corps basic training. After basic training, he will continue his training at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. There he will enter the training program to become a Marine Military Police Officer. Military Police are law enforcement officers with jurisdiction on and immediately around a military installation, they are responsible for the security, safety, and daily admission onto the base.

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Marcus Steindl is a member of the Oregon High School Class of 2019, and graduated from high school a semester early. He leaves for Marine Corps basic training on January 28th, also to Camp Pendleton. Following graduation, he will enter training in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) within the military Intelligence Occupational Field. This field covers a variety of jobs that are responsible for gathering, processing and disseminating sensitive information.

Steindl received his Travel Award commitment at his high school graduation party at his home in Oregon.

The Travel Awards were presented by the Ben Jackson Foundation, which was founded to recognize young people who have decided to enlist in the military and to provide financial assistance to help them visit home.

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