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Drinking Water Better Tasting in Wisconsin


February 28, 2019

Dear Editor,

Our Post Messenger Recorder arrived today – the January 31st edition – considering we currently reside in Rogers, Arkansas, we feel fortunate to receive the PMR so quickly (this letter was dated February 4th).

I found the letter from Kriss Marion very interesting about drinking water.

We arrived in Rogers, AR, on August 3, 2018. My first glass of water tasted moldy – I tried drinking it a few more times, still tasted moldy. This continued until January 2019. During that time I bought bottled water. In January I took another glass of water from the faucet and GLORY BE it tasted just fine! Unfortunately, that only lasted a few days. Now water from the faucet in the house smells and tastes like chlorine. And no, it’s not this house only. I haven’t tried the water in public places for quite some time, although I did when we first lived here and even in local restaurants, at that time, it smelled and tasted MOLDY. The only place the water didn’t taste moldy was at the nearby hospital, which is in Bentonville, the city next to Rogers. I haven’t done any further investigating. My conclusion is either the hospital has a good filter system or the city of Bentonville has better wells than the ones in Rogers. I really miss the well we had in the Town of Mount Pleasant in Green County. I can hardly wait to get back to the good water of Green County, Wisconsin.


Marlene Schmalbeck,

Rogers, Arkansas


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