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Mock Accident Held at Belleville High School


May 9, 2019

Sue Moen

Last Wednesday, Belleville High School students and staff experienced a mock accident.

Working in conjunction with the Belleville Area EMS, Belleville Volunteer Fire Department and Belleville Police Department, the event was organized prior to Saturday's Prom.

Before the mock accident started, Middle and High School Principal Nate Perry encouraged students, "to think about the consequences of your actions, especially with the upcoming celebrations. We want you to get to all of those future goals in life."

Belleville EMS spokesperson Patrick McDonnell took a lead role to organize the event during the last five or six months.

"Hopefully, everyone learned something," said McDonnell. "And I hope they have a better understanding of what public safety does."

McDonnell said that the mock accident was realistic.

"Once we arrive on an accident scene, we assess who needs treatment first and stabilize the vehicles," added McDonnell.

The mock accident is scheduled every three years so that high school students consider the consequences of their choices, including driving under the influence or distracted driving.

Belleville Fire Chief Brian Hollis said that students don't see this type of situation often.

"We hope that after seeing this they continue to make the right decisions," added Hollis. "We want it to be an eye opener."

Belleville Police Sergeant Molly Hultine added that the police department hopes that all students will make smart choices.

"As the mock accident was portrayed the students saw, and we hope they always remember, the vivid consequences of poor choices," said Hultine. "We hope it makes an impact because of the familiar faces of those who participated."

Student actors Miles Fahey, Mili Julian, Jacob Kean, Anna Nolden and Mikaela Steckelis had roles in the crash and helped write the script. School staff member Cindy Halvensleben portrayed the mother of the student who was killed.

Junior Jacob Kean portrayed the driver under the influence in the mock accident.

"I think it went extremely well," said Kean. "I heard about and saw a lot of conversations on social media. It [the mock accident] made an impact. If it saves one life, it was worth it."

"The goal was to give students a realistic understanding of the consequences of impaired driving, and to show how our first responders assist people together in their times of need," added McDonnell.

Sue Moen

Thank you to the owners and staff of Watkin's Auto Salvage, Inc., for supplying the vehicles for the mock accident and training demonstration; Becker-Beal Funeral Home, for providing their services during the mock accident; and former EMTs Mark Jozefowicz and Lois Losenegger, who helped with moulage and preparing the students for the event. Thank you to the more than 25 volunteers from Belleville EMS, Fire and Police Department for planning and participating in the mock accident.

"If we are able to help prevent a bad choice and save even one life, this was worth it!"

More photos from the mock accident are available to view on and in our Photo Gallery:


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