Sugar River Track Competes at Deerfield Classic


May 9, 2019

Photo courtesy of Tricia Kittleson

Haiden Zimmerman placed 4th in the discus event for the Raiders in Deerfield on May 3rd.

The Sugar River track team competed at the Deerfield Classic on May 3rd. The men's team finished in 11th place while the women's team finished in 2nd place.

Men's Results

In the 200M dash, JJay Wenger placed 3rd.

In the 400M dash, JJay Wenger placed 25th.

In the 800M run, Caden O'Rourke placed 7th while Tyler Stampfl placed 14th.

In the 1600M run, Caden O'Rourke placed 12th while Conor McCoy placed 16th and Matthew Loshaw placed 17th.

In the 3200M run, Adam Nelson placed 7th while Jordan Wilder placed 11th.

In the 300M hurdles, Jared Schulting placed 6th while Sean McDermott placed 15th.

The 4x100 relay team of Eli Dettwiler, Alex Grignano, Patrick Samon and Jacob Shrader placed 13th.

The 4x400 relay team of Conor McCoy, Jared Schulting, Tyler Stampfl and JJay Wenger placed 8th.

The 4x800 relay team of Matthew Loshaw, Conor McCoy, Adam Nelson and Caden O'Rourke placed 6th.

In the shot put event, Eric Segura placed 19th. Segura also placed 19th in discus.

In the high jump, Jacob Shrader placed 6th.

In the pole vault event, Robbie Chenoweth placed 3rd.

In the long jump, Jared Schulting placed 4th while Patrick Samon placed 21st and JJay Wenger placed 27th.

In the triple jump, Alex Grignano placed 18th.

Women's Results

In the 100M dash, Kiara Donnell placed 2nd.

In the 200M dash, Kiara Donnell placed 3rd while Ava Foley placed 9th.

In the 400M dash, Nina Schiro placed 20th.

In the 800M run, Dayna Karls placed 9th while Tayler Yapp placed 11th and Morgan Erstad placed 17th.

In the 1600M run, Tayler Yapp placed 7th while Karley Michels placed 13th and Molly Molencamp placed 18th.

In the 100M hurdles, Emily Bartow placed 3rd.

In the 300M hurdles, Emily Bartow placed 4th while Gianna Diaz placed 16th.

The 4x100 relay team of Kiara Donnell, Ava Foley, Jade Halvensleben and Heidi Wegehaupt placed 2nd.

In the 4x200 relay, the team of Hallie Bartow, Lily Himmelmann, Erin Kittleson and McKenzie Rodebaugh placed 7th.

In the 4x400 relay, the team of Emily Bartow, Hallie Bartow, Dayna Karls and Erin Kittleson placed 9th.

In the 4x800 relay, the team of Morgan Erstad, Dayna Karls, Karley Michels and Tayler Yapp placed 5th.

In the shot put event, Haiden Zimmerman placed 3rd.

In the discus event, Haiden Zimmerman placed 4th while Alexa Thayer placed 13th.

In the high jump, Lily Himmelmann placed 3rd.

In the pole vault event, Kyla Jerome placed 7th and Heidi Wegehaupt placed 8th.

In the long jump, Ava Foley placed 5th while Kennedy Dreger placed 11th and Jade Halvensleben placed 16th.

In the triple jump, Ava Foley placed 2nd while Kennedy Dreger placed 5th and Jade Halvensleben placed 6th.

On May 7th the team competed at Columbus. They will host an invite in Belleville on May 10th and compete at a meet in Columbus on May 14th.

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