Green County's 4-H Recognition and Graduation Ceremony


July 25, 2019

Photo courtesy of Lana Anderson

4-H Graduates (L-R): Kaitlyn Trow, Samantha Holmstrom, Cole Mahlkuch, Hunter Huschitt, Kevin Demler, Michael Schieldt, Linnea Tabaka, Kirsten Oliver.

On Sunday, July 21st, Green County 4-H held its Recognition and Graduation Ceremony at the Green County Fair. This year's awards included the Friend of 4-H Award, 4-H Volunteer of the Year Award, 4-H Lifetime Volunteer Award, 4-H Key Award, 4-H Adult Leaders Scholarship Winners, 4-H Junior Leaders Scholarship Winner, Cindi Miller Memorial Scholarship Winners, and 4-H Graduates.

The ceremony began with the presentation of the Friend of 4-H, 4-H Volunteer of the Year, and 4-H Lifetime Volunteer Awards. These awards were presented to individuals, groups, or companies that stood out as outstanding supporters of the Green County 4-H Program. This year, the Friend of 4-H Award was presented to the Green County Meat Animal Auction Committee, the 4-H Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Ryan and Savanna Andrews of Juda, and the 4-H Lifetime Volunteer Award was presented to Rhonda Alton of Monroe.

The 4-H Key Award is the highest award a 4-H member can receive in Wisconsin 4-H. It is awarded to youth who have shown consistent growth in their 4-H program, developed leadership ability, and been helpful to other members in their club and community. Another requirement for this award is having been a 4-H member for at least three years, with one year of youth leadership. Sponsors of the Wisconsin 4-H Key Award program include the Wisconsin Farm Bureau and Rural Mutual Insurance Company. The Key Award recipients this year were Hunter Huschitt (Clarno), Cole Mahlkuch (Juda Jolly Juniors) and Kirsten Oliver (Jolly Mixers).

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Several scholarships were given out during the ceremony as well, including the Green County 4-H Adult Leaders scholarship ($500 each). Criteria for this scholarship includes being enrolled in Green County 4-H for at least three years, being enrolled in secondary education the next year, and going through the interview process. This year's Adult Leaders scholarship winners were Kevin Demler (York), Cole Mahlkuch (Juda Jolly Juniors) and Kaitlyn Trow (Jolly Mixers).

The 4-H Junior Leaders offered a scholarship as well ($500 each). The criteria for this award included the youth being enrolled in 4-H for at least three years, a high school or 4-H graduate, be enrolled in secondary education, and be active in the 4-H Junior Leaders Organization for at least one year. These applicants had to go through the interview process as well. This year's recipient was Linnea Tabaka (Young Americans).

The Cindi Miller Memorial Scholarship was also awarded during the ceremony ($1000 each). Cindi Miller contributed a lot of time and effort to the Green County 4-H program. She served as a 4-H club general leader, adult advisor for the Green County 4-H Junior Leaders Organization, and a Photography Superintendent for over 20 years. She sadly passed away on May 2, 2015. Cindi's family established the memorial scholarship to continue sharing Cindi's deep commitment to community involvement and recognizing youth. The Cindi Miller Scholarship again looks for 4-H members of at least three years, a high school or 4-H graduate, and enrolled in any secondary education program. Applicants must go through an interview process as well. This year's recipients were Hunter Huschitt (Clarno), Madison Katzenberger (Young Americans), and Kirsten Oliver (Jolly Mixers).

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In addition to the awards and scholarships, this year's 4-H graduates were also recognized. Graduates are 4-H members who have recently finished their 12th year of schooling but not necessarily finished with their 4-H career. The graduates that were recognized included: Bermet Bekenova (Young Americans), Ashley Carns (Dougherty Creek), Kevin Demler (York), Callie Everson (Dayton Dairylanders), Ruth Hatter (Decatur), Samantha Holmstrom (New Glarus), Hunter Huschitt (Clarno), Cole Mahlkuch (Juda Jolly Juniors), Connor Nafzger (Clarno), Kirsten Oliver (Jolly Mixers), Shane Radzwilowicz (Next Generation), Michael Schieldt (New Glarus), Kevin Schmidt (Young Americans), Linnea Tabaka (Young Americans), Kaitlyn Trow (Jolly Mixers), and Hayden Zahradka (Clarno).

For a complete list of scholarships or awards available, please see the Extension Green County website at or call the Extension Green County Office at (608) 328-9440.

Photo courtesy of Lana Anderson

Adult Leaders Scholarship (L-R): Kaitlyn Trow, Kevin Demler, Cole Mahlkuch.


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