DAR to Celebrate 100 Years With Awards Dinner


October 10, 2019

On October 13, 2019, at 1:00 p.m., the Colonel Benjamin Harrison Chapter of the DAR, based in Monroe, will celebrate 100 years of community service at a Monticello establishment. The restaurant, called T&D’s (formerly known as “The Casino” and The Monticello House) will serve a dinner in their banquet room and allow ordering from their menu as well. T&D’s is located at 149 N. Main Street in Monticello.

At the event the DAR Chapter will present four DAR Awards to honor deserving members of the community: Distinguished Citizen Award-Sergeant Tony Ruesga of Darlington; Community Service Recognition-Bea Patterson of Juda; Women in the Arts Recognition-Kate Bausch of Darlington; and Historic Preservation Recognition-Marion Howard of Darlington. Also they will be distributing a hard cover memory book created from photos and articles found in 100 years of scrap books in the chapter’s archives. And, of course, there will be cake! Members of the chapter are and have been residents of Green, Lafayette, Iowa, and Dane County, Wisconsin, as well as northern Illinois. Honored guests at the dinner will be representatives of Wisconsin State DAR Officers.

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DAR is Daughters of the American Revolution, a women’s service organization dedicated to historic preservation, education, and patriotism since 1890. The Monroe chapter was organized in 1919. There are currently about 30 members and a few ladies in the process of preparing applications to join. They encourage all interested women to contact them for applications. Membership requirements are to be age 18 or older, and to provide proof of lineal descent from a person that contributed to the patriot cause in the American Revolutionary War. Considering that every generation adds many branches to the family tree that is not unlikely. It’s not easy, but they would be happy to help.

Any former members of the chapter interested in attending the Centennial Dinner, please contact Sherry O’Connor at sloc@tds.net. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the Memory Book or more info on DAR, or joining the chapter, contact Barb Nemec at barb.nemec@gmail.com.


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