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Thoemke Breaks Down Cost of Library


October 10, 2019

Dear Editor,

If you live in the village of New Glarus, the New Glarus Library Board wants your money. Village taxpayers are already on the hook for $1 million in borrowing and another $40,000 in cash, if the proposed library building project moves forward. Now the Library Board is asking the Village Board for the following additional financial commitments:

1. A 17.7% increase in annual funding from the 2020 Village budget, for the operation of the CURRENT library facility.

2. An additional $500,000 in borrowing toward the cost of a new library facility.

3. Up to another $995 per WEEK, to cover the increased operational costs of the proposed new facility.

Via our property taxes, Village residents and businesses already fund the large majority of current library operational costs, even though we represent less than 40% of the Library’s service population.

Village taxpayers have also been obligated to contribute more than 17 times the amount toward the proposed construction project than that promised by all other municipalities combined. Now the Library Board wants the Village Board to increase that borrowing burden to exceed 25 times the contribution offered by all other municipalities in the Library’s service population.

My family currently pays $232 per year toward the operation of the current library, via our property taxes. If the Village Board gives the Library Board everything is wants, that figure will soar to an estimated $490 per year when the new library building is placed in service.

If you’re a Village resident or business owner and would like to know your current and projected financial commitments to the library, take these simple steps: (1) multiply your current total property tax cost by 3.43%. This is the amount of your property tax expense that currently goes to fund library operations. (2) multiply your current library cost by 2.11. This figure represents your total projected annual library cost, if the Village Board agrees to another $500,000 in borrowing, as well as the currently requested and projected operational cost increases. In case you’re wondering, the portion of that increased cost which covers the requested borrowing will be with us for twenty years.

If you believe, as I do, that this price tag is too high, I hope you’ll do as I’ve done, and encourage Village Trustees and President to vote “no” to increased library borrowing and operational costs, present and future.

Greg Thoemke,

Village of New Glarus


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