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By Stan Hook
League Reporter 

Sugar River Euchre


November 7, 2019

It was a cold and scary night, with tricks abounding and plenty of treats being handed around. The Shufflers took the biggest treat of the night by out scoring their opponents (the J&M Bar River Rats) by 101 points. Shane Kahl and Tom Meyer were scary close to a perfect night, claiming this week’s high score of 119 points for the Shufflers. It was Harry and Jimmy Gehin that held Tom and Shane to 14 points in their third game. Not to be left out, Derek Skogen and Ed Chancellor added another 117 points to the Shuffler’s total. On the tricky side of the street, Stan Hook and Steve Vogt (Shufflers) were nearly tricked into a skunk in the fourth game when Kurt Buetel and Honker (Dan Palmer) held Stan and Steve to just 1-point. However, in the eighth game, all the tricks came out of the bag when Stan and Steve played Kurt and Honker for the second time. Looking to return the favor, Stan and Steve went a step further and tricked Kurt and Honker into adopting a skunk as their new friend.

Barb Judd and Don Williams (Kleeman’s) also thought a skunk would make a nice pet for someone, but they just couldn’t quite capture one to give away as a trick. Barb and Don allowed only 1-point in both their fifth and sixth games. It was in these games where Keith Wenger and Jeff Buesser and Kendal Wenger and Gif Hoesly barely escaped the joys of owning a new pet just like Honker and Kurt. It was Steve Sponem and Jeff Goebler that filled the bag with treats for the Hay Shakers, stuffing 116 PayDay bars into the sack helping Kleeman’s secure a 42-point win over the S’Wisco Taphaus Cheese Eaters; who, by the way, failed to have anyone place 100 pieces of candy in their bags.

Going to a small town to go trick or treating paid off for the Norsk Cowboys as they traveled to Pine Bluff to fill their pumpkin buckets with a 10-point win over the Pipe Benders. Marvin Thompson and Steve Dower started it off for the Cowboys by winning their first seven games. With just one game left, Pipe Benders Brad Kittoe and Jerome Krantz decided to pull out the chainsaw to take their opponents down a notch or two. Once the buzz of the saw had stopped and the blue thick haze from a heavy mixture of gas and oil had dissipated, Marvin and Steve had 9 points cut from the possible 15 points, leaving them with total of 109 points for the night. But it was Don Field and Dean Disch who couldn’t escape the Halloween massacre. With just 73 points for the Cowboys, Don and Dean had this week’s low score.

Harley Blue and Riley Mounties apparently were not allowed to go out on such a spooky night, as they did not play.

Standings: Norsk Cowboys 5-0; Riley Shufflers 4-0; Norsk Pranksters 3-1; Riley Mounties 2-2; Kleeman’s 2-3; Jones’ Plumbing 1-3; S’Wisco Taphaus 1-3; J&M Bar 1-4; Harley Blue Express 0-3.

Schedule for November 7th: Harley Blue @ S’Wisco Taphaus (7:30); Kleeman’s @ Riley Shufflers (7:30); Norsk Cowboys @ Norsk Pranksters (8:00); J&M Bar @ Jones’ Plumbing (8:00); Riley Mounties - Bye.


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