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Belleville 2019 Road Rally Results


November 21, 2019

Sue Moen

It was a cold windy day on November 2nd, but if you are a Road Rally enthusiast YOU DO NOT CARE and you show up for some brain puzzling riddles along with a scenic drive. It was a great turn out, with 28 cars and 130 participants, with only two cars (#28 and #24) not finding the final destination. Cars 9 and 27 found all the UFOs, best mileage goes to Car 6 with 95 miles (actual mileage was 82), best time goes to Car 9 with 6 hours 57 minutes (actual time 4 hours 40 mins), all the questions correct goes to Car 1 and a good time goes to all the participants at least I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Thanks to Connie for helping Jesse and I at check-in, we are so grateful! Also, Connie, your Road Rally shirt ROCKS! Thanks to Mark from Sugar River Lanes, Sandy from J&M Bar, Teresa from Burreson's Foods, Al from Al's Dayton Place, Shawnas in Monticello, Dam Near Home in Albany, Linda from Anchor Club in Brooklyn, Van and Nancy from Borland's for letting our people crowd your spaces. Thanks to everyone who sat at checkpoints: Barb and Barb, Rick and Brandon and Sherri and Joan. Thanks to Jo and Tom for hosting the wizard. Thanks to Bert for putting up with the pig and thanks to Jerry for keeping the Orangutan caged. Thanks to Margie, Tracy and Rick for your input and being our route sleuths (even though lots of complaints about the Detroit Pistons-Rick?). Thanks to Sue Moen from the Post Messenger Recorder for taking all the pictures. A big thank you to my sister (Jesse) for getting us involved with this. Don't tell Barb, but it was fun planning it with both of you, but next year our team will be back solving clues. Remember it is always a great idea to sing to people, even though you may be in the wrong choir location (Sue A). I think we can agree that Google is a great thing on a Road Rally. All of the Shur-Fine vegetables were donated to the Belleville School Turkey Drop, along with $75.00, and $75.00 was donated to Belleville Public Library. Thanks to all of you!

Hope everyone had a good time and hope to see you next year.


1-Car #9 Gingerbread Girls (2,906 pts); 2-Car #19 Old Bones (2,862 pts); 3-Car #13 BA Basco Bitches (2,845 pts); 4-Car #18 Emojis (2,762 pts); 5-Car #1 Team Ohana (2,745 pts); 6-Car #25 Trying to Find the Pines (2,723 pts); 7-Car #14 Onowgo (2,706 pts); 8-Car #11 Hit the Road Jack (2,702 pts); 9-Car #5 It's all Relative (2,677 pts); 10-Car #12 Car Penguins (2,669 pts); 11-TIE-Car #6 Seek and Destroy (2,628 pts) and 11-TIE-Car #Odair Goes The Campbells (2,628 pts); 12-Car #10 Road Gypsies (2,616 pts); 13-Car #27 Team 27 (2,607 pts); 14-Car #8 Dot's Train (2,594 pts); 15-Car #17 Mom's Day Out (2,560 pts); 16-Car #23 Honey Roasted (2,473 pts); 17-Car #15 The Roadies (2,442 pts); 18-Car #2 Lost Cause (2,412 pts); 19-Car #26 Phoking Awesome (2,335 pts); 20-Car #22 The Other Team (2,312 pts); 21-Car #4 Born to Wander (2,130 pts); 22-Car #20 Three Moody Heifers & A Limp Bull (2,068 pts); 23-Car #21 Bass Awkward (1,921 pts); 24-Car #3 Shotty Hotty (1,391 pts); 25-Car #7 Rooster In the Hen House (1,235 pts).

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