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Rufener Gives Opinion on Candidate


December 5, 2019

Dear Editor,

A traitor is running for President. Joe Biden was a party to the sale of uranium to Russia and other military technology. Along with the Clintons, Eric Holder and Obama should all be charged with treason. President Clinton was dead broke but now is worth billions through the Clinton Foundation by selling the above to Russia. Everyone should get the book Killing the Deep State. It tells how bad the swamp is in Washington. Putin is a good friend of Iran and can you guess where the uranium is going? The Democrats are promising Agenda 21 (which is run by the U.N.).

In the old days, traitors were put before a firing squad. But we are more modern so we should make them give up all assets less $10,000, send them out of the U.S. and take away their passports so they can’t come back, as we don’t need these kind of people.

E. Mike Rufener,



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