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Belleville Embroidery Moves to Main Street With New Ownership


January 16, 2020

Jill Hubbard, Whitney Anderson, and Amber Pederson on the front steps of the new location of Belleville Embroidery.

After 14 years of providing quality embroidery and heat press services to the Belleville area, Jill and Greg Hubbard have sold Belleville Embroidery to Whitney and Andrew (Chucky) Anderson and Amber and Scott Pederson.

"We are very excited to announce that Belleville Embroidery will remain in Belleville and will be downtown on Main Street," said Jill. "This is the perfect solution for us - Whitney and Amber are young and energetic with young families and new ideas."

On February 1st, Belleville Embroidery will continue to serve its customers at 9 W. Main Street, on the second floor of the same building that is home to Whitney's Academy of Dance, LLC, in what used to be Genin's Hall.

Years ago, the hall served as a community center and hosted graduations, dances, basketball games, movies, and it even had a stage at one end that was the site for traveling theatrical troupe performances.

"So, there is plenty of space to work and grow the business and for our families to be involved," said Whitney. "Amber and I are so excited for this opportunity."

When the Hubbards started Belleville Embroidery, they wanted it to be a family business so that Jill could be home with their three daughters, Shelby, Baily and Rylee, and they thought what better way to instill a work ethic in their children than to own a family business.

"We wanted to be involved in the community and schools, and to build a loyal customer base," said Jill. "My first priority was to provide quality service in a timely manner."

In 2006, with approval from the Township of Montrose board members, the couple built a garage in their back yard that was originally for the couple's 1968 Chevy Camaro, camper, and lawn mower, but was converted into the new home of Belleville Embroidery even before it was finished.

The Tajima single-head embroidery machine and heat press were delivered in June of 2006, and "by mid-August, we were stitching and heat pressing orders out of the new garage like crazy," recalled Jill. "I was scared of learning the technical aspects of the business, and nervous that we weren't going to have customers."

Jill remembers that the first heat press order was from the Belleville Bulldog Soccer Club for the summer soccer camp, and the first embroidery order was from someone who Greg worked with at Omnipress.

She added that there was great satisfaction when working with customers who were pleased with what was designed.

"And the joy of seeing a young child getting his or her first jersey was priceless," said Jill smiling.

She admitted that some of the challenges included working with certain technologies, juggling multiple deadlines, and keeping the business organized.

"If it weren't for our families and friends who helped along the way, we wouldn't have been able to continue for this long," said Jill. "I can't express how grateful we are for them and for our loyal customers."

Last June, the couple's youngest daughter Rylee graduated from Belleville High School.

"So, it's time to do something else," added Jill. "And Greg is ready not to be working two jobs."

"I finally get my garage back," laughed Greg, who is secretly conspiring to bring home a new Corvette.

The new owners want to thank Jill, Greg, Shelby, Baily and Rylee for trusting them to continue the Belleville Embroidery business.

"We anticipate a seamless transition and will continue with Jill's core values of quality service in a timely manner," echoed Whitney and Amber.

Whitney graduated from Belleville High School in 2003, and attended Western Technical School in La Crosse for Interior Design and Marketing. After college she worked at the Virginia Davis School of Dance in Belleville.

When the business was for sale, Whitney and her husband, who grew up in Monticello, bought it and in 2014, they bought the building on Main Street and moved Whitney's Academy of Dance, LLC in on the first floor.

"I have an awesome staff, and currently we have 156 students between the ages of 3 and 18," said Whitney, whose grandpa Art Fahey used to play basketball upstairs. "We offer dance instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, acro, lyrical, and we have a performance company with 23 students."

Whitney emphasized that the dance studio will operate as usual without interruption with the additional business on the second floor.

"I want to continue teaching and sharing my passion for dance with students in Belleville and surrounding areas," added Whitney. "I think the two businesses will complement each other."

The couple has two boys and future production assistants, Finnegan and Griffin.

Amber graduated from Belleville High School in 2002. She attended Madison College and earned a degree in Fashion Marketing. She has worked in the retail industry for the past 15 years.

Amber and her husband, Scott, who also grew up in Monticello, live in Belleville and have two daughters and future production assistants, Anika and Stella.

The new business partners laugh at how the business arrangement came about.

On August 22nd, Jill posted that she and Greg were interested in selling Belleville Embroidery. Within an hour or two, Jill received a message from Amber indicating that she was interested. A few minutes later, Whitney messaged Jill, too, not knowing that one of her friends since first grade also had messaged Jill.

"A week later, Amber and I were together and started talking about it and that's when we decided to own the business together," said Whitney. "It was meant to be. I'm so excited to work with Amber and have someone to share ideas with."

Needless to say, both Whitney and Amber are anxious to get started.

"This just feels right," said Amber. "We both want what Jill and her family provided to the Belleville community. We are excited to keep things the same, just in a new space, and to watch Belleville Embroidery grow and to continue with great customer service."

They plan to continue selling merchandise at Burreson's Foods and to work with organizations with fundraisers.

"Belleville Embroidery will have the same website and phone number," said Amber. "We just need to figure out the rest of the details."

When Jill and Greg decided to sell Belleville Embroidery, their intentions were to keep the business in Belleville and to find someone who would continue the business so their customers would be at ease through the transition.

"The people in Belleville and surrounding communities have been more than welcoming throughout our time, and we know they will take good care of the new owners as well," added Jill. "I know we have found the perfect fit."


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