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By Katrina Sies and Eloise Czerwonka
Badgerland MediaGIRLs 

Coming to New Glarus: Girl Scout Cookies


February 13, 2020

Photo courtesy of Jenny Sies

Badgerland Council MediaGIRLs Katrina Sies (left) and Eloise Czerwonka (right). Katrina is a member of Troop 1223 and a 5th grade student at New Glarus Elementary School, and Eloise is a member of Troop 7531 and a 4th grade student at New Glarus Elementary.

Cookies! Cookies! Girl Scouts are bringing nine kinds of cookies to town on February 15th through March 22nd! We are Badgerland Council's Media Girls Eloise Czerwonka and Katrina Sies, telling you today how happy we are to sell cookies with our troops. The cookie sale is our main source of troop funds, so they make it possible just about everything we do. Everyday things and big projects, too.

Cookie flavors include Thin Mint, Caramel deLites, Lemonades, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Girl Scout S'mores, Thanks-A-Lot, Shortbread, and the gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip.

Let's talk about our goals.

Eloise: My goal is to sell 2020 cookies so we can go to Florida for the G.I.R.L. Convention! I want to SCUBA dive, meet the CEO of the GSUSA, Sylvia Acevedo, who was a rocket scientist for NASA, maybe chat with one of the 27 astronauts who used to be Girl Scouts, swap SWAPS, and be in one gigantic Friendship Circle!! This will be my first National Convention. I can't wait to see what we will do.

Katrina: I usually sell close to 300 so I am shooting towards 300. I earn Badgerland bucks to use towards camp and I want to go to the Mallards game.

Our troops get money for each box we sell, so we can do things like projects and help people and buy bug spray for camping and go places to feed horses. There's always supplies to buy and charges to get in places. And Badgerland Council gets money too from the cookie sale, that pays for really fun programs and pays people who work in the office who bring our lost stuff back home from camp. We would like to tell you some ideas to do with your cookies other than just eating them plain: You can make a s'more out of two Thanks-a-Lots, just add a toasted marshmallow in between. You can also use Shortbread or Thin Mint in a pie crust. Crumbled Lemonades on fruity ice cream is THE BEST.

One thing we forgot to tell you is...Thanks-a-lots are going away from the cookie list. So get a lot of Thanks-a-lots before March 22! Keep them in the freezer and make them last. We will miss these cookies next year but can't wait to see what the new cookie will be.

When we are in New Glarus, we hold booths at different times. Look for us at stores, churches, and everywhere you go. There is a website so you know where and when the booths are: On each box, there is a label that says what is in the cookies. If your kid is allergic to dairy, don't give them a cookie with dairy. If you have ingredient questions, you can look online at before you even show up, or just ask us! My favorite thing about selling cookies is:

Katrina: At a cookie booth I practice my math skills. Last year after cookie season, we gave the leftover cookies to the food pantry. I hope you enjoy the cookie season. Have a nice cookie time.

Eloise: Meeting new people at cookie booths. An older gentleman came hobbling up one time kind of yelling "Two of everything! Two of everything!" from the parking lot while we were packing up our booth, and he is still my favorite customer ever. I can't wait to see you, too! Thank you so much for supporting us and for keeping Girl Scouts going strong.


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