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Rufener Suggests Book


April 2, 2020

Dear Editor,

We now have a traitor running for president.

Joe Biden was a party in last presidents that allowed the Clinton Foundation to make billions of dollars, as Clinton was dead broke when he left office. Everyone should read the book Killing the Deep State the democrats don’t realize that they support (agenda 21) with one world power (run by the VIN) they should look into what (agenda 21) is about no cars, bank account, land or house, their idea is we are using to much energy. The most beautiful flag we have will be no more, as they will have their own.

White stands for innocence.

Red for bravery.

Blue justice.

50 stars immortality of heavens.

The flag means pride, freedom, independence of the families of fallen heroes.

So you democrats should look into what they stand for and need support the flag.

The big wigs should get rid of their armed guards before they ask you to give up ours.

E. Mike Rufener,


P.S. One good thing come out of COVID-19 both parties are finally working together.


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