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Voyce Can't Find a Good Reason to Vote for Novak


August 27, 2020

Dear Editor,

It’s that time again…elections. We are all aware of the Presidential election coming up, and the importance it is in our lives. But I started thinking...what about our local elections? What about the local people who are running for office locally and statewide? Do we know them and where they stand on certain issues?

So I started looking for more information. I started with the incumbent in the very gerrymandered 51st Assembly District. Todd Novak is our present representative, a Republican from Dodgeville. He is running against Kriss Marion, farmer, business owner, Soil Sister, County Board Supervisor.

In the last election, Novak had a huge influx of money for his campaign from out state PACs and lobbyists. This earned him (and other Republicans) the moniker of “bought-and-paid-for politicians”. I did look up the voting record which would benefit out-of-state lobbyists...and surprise!! Novak voted for them. So “bought-and-paid-for” seems to be correct.

A few Republicans have bravely stood up to the corporate interests; a few have spoken truth to power on issues of consequence. But Novak is not one of them. Novak frequently said he was more of an independent, works “across the aisle”. I found several instances where he didn’t vote in lockstep with Rep. Vos...but the votes were rather inconsequential and really didn’t make any difference. In fact, Novak voted over 95% of the time with Vos.

Let’s look at some of the issues...expanding Medicaid. We’ve all been told time and again how Wisconsin lost millions and millions of dollars by not accepting Medicaid expansion. And now, with so many people out of work, the Republicans and Novak still don’t care enough about out-of-work Wisconsinites to try to get some of those dollars that are going to other states.

And what about our schools? Now, with the pandemic costing our schools millions of dollars to try to open safely, Novak voted against the Evers request for more money for schools...instead he still supports voucher schools...the Betsy DeVos method of education. Many Assembly Republicans sent a letter to superintendents of schools insisting they open up to in-person classes. There is no regard in this letter for health and safety of children and teachers and school staff. Why? Why would Novak, knowing what effect opening schools has had in the south, sign this letter? Is it because he wants public schools to fail, so that DeVos’ wish to make all schools private comes to fruition? Is it that important to his quest for more power to bow down to Trump’s wishes? We all know that Vos is in the Assembly to further his own pockets and for power and greed...but, really, Mr. you really want to be aligned with him that much? Hmmm….Vos/DeVos. Is there something there? Power-madness and greed spread easily….

Oh, health care. Novak voted FOR the Republican bill of ensuring pre-existing conditions be covered if the federal lawsuit against ACA is successful. However, since he and his fellow Republicans receive a bunch of money for their campaigns from insurance companies, this bill is rather faulty…because there is nothing in it that would prevent insurance companies from massively increasing premiums to such an extent that people wouldn’t be able to afford the insurance! Just what we don’t need in this pandemic...soaring insurance rates.’s a big one. Remember the hoopla about the Water Quality Committee that Novak was on? Safe drinking water is becoming a valuable commodity these days. This committee, of which Novak was chairman, spent many, many hours talking to people, trying to find solutions. The committee was started because Rep. Vos was getting so much flack from citizens who were worried about their water. The committee made recommendations, but none of them have been acted on. Has there been any questioning or pushing for activity by Novak? None that I have read about or heard of. Was this just for show?

I could go on and on. There is so much information about Todd and how he is Vos’ puppet. He is not an independent as he likes to claim. I don’t think I can find a good reason to vote for Novak.

Barbara Voyce,

Lone Rock


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