Bucher to Run for Circuit Court Judge


September 10, 2020

Jane Bucher

Jane Bucher, currently a public defender based in Monroe, is a candidate for the open position of Green County Circuit Court Judge Branch 1. The election will be held April 6, 2021, with a primary in February.

Bucher became a public defender in 2011, and has represented clients in at least 2,000 cases. She has significant litigation experience in a wide variety of criminal and civil proceedings. Prior to becoming a public defender, Bucher worked at Kittelsen, Barry, Wellington and Thompson, S.C., in general practice and engaged in a broad range of legal areas. Bucher graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2010 and prior to attending law school she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal.

Bucher and her husband, Ruedi, have lived in Monroe since 2012. Ruedi is a cheesemaker from Switzerland and currently works for Alpma USA. They love the Swiss heritage in Green County and feel that this is a wonderful place to raise their two boys, Quinn and Xavier.

"As a public defender, I have the privilege of serving my community and through that experience I have seen the resilience and courage of everyday people facing sometimes extraordinary circumstances. Being in the courtroom almost daily has given me great insight into how our justice system impacts our community," said Bucher. "For the average community member, who will perhaps never have cause to contact their legislator or their governor, the court system may be their only experience of the legal system. It is incumbent on a local court system to rise to this responsibility by ensuring that all people who enter the halls of justice know that they will be heard, with patience and respect, that their case will not be prejudged, and that Justice for All truly means just that."

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Bucher helped to start the Green County Adult Drug Court, which offers treatment in lieu of incarceration to those suffering from drug addiction. She also helped to establish a Green County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council where stakeholders meet to discuss social problems, programs and initiatives, and changes in the law that impact the criminal justice system.

Bucher has served as the President of the Green County Bar Association and currently represents her district on the State Bar Board of Governors, as well as being a founding member of the Green County MultiCultural Outreach Program (MCOP) which aims to celebrate diversity by creating a welcoming community for people from all cultures. As part of her work with MCOP, she participates on the Latino Advisory Committee, which facilitates meetings between community members, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders to discuss issues affecting the Latino community. Additionally, she has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2018.

"I believe that my experience and background make me well qualified to serve as your next judge," said Bucher.


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