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Voyce Calls Vos Out on Hypocrisy


September 10, 2020

Dear Editor,

“After the tragic events this past week, the best way forward is not through divisive and partisan politics but through bipartisan cooperation,” per Rep. Vos.

This quote was given after the Governor attempted to have a special session to address the very obvious, horrific problem we have with racism and violence in our state. The Governor wanted the legislature to actually do some work, instead of pretending to care.

And Rep. Vos? He refused to hold the special session. It was gaveled in and immediately gaveled done. And Vos said they need bipartisan cooperation. Is that not the height of hypocrisy? The Governor asked for a bipartisan legislature to work together for a solution, and the Republican leader in the Assembly says a loud, “NO” and then says they should work together. No wonder there is no respect for our current legislature. They obviously are racist hypocrites. And then..Vos created ANOTHER task force...another “look what we are doing” task force that can spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars to tell us...what? That we are a racist state and we need to do something? And, talk of hypocrisy, this task force is being led by a white man. A white man who has not experienced any of the horrid things that happen daily to a black person. A white man who has no idea what the results of a racist society do to a black person. But, hey, Vos is patting himself on the back...he avoided doing anything constructive, and continues to condone racist, violent acts against people of color.

Isn’t it time to elect people to the Assembly who really care about people? ALL people? Isn’t it time for real bipartisan legislation, rather than the lip service legislation that Vos and the Republicans have been doing for the past years?

I called my representative, Todd Novak. He is a Republican who, on a few rare occasions, has voted in a bipartisan manner. I asked how he felt about the special session not happening, how he felt about the task force (he was the chair of a very important task force on water quality. To date, I have not heard of any effect the task force has had), and how he felt about a white man heading up the task force. His agent was very evasive on the phone...and never directly answered the question. I want a representative who actually speaks her mind; I want a representative who isn’t afraid to go against her party if she feels deeply about an issue. I want a representative who is honest, open, and empathetic. That is why I will vote for Kriss Marion to represent the 51st Assembly district.

Barbara Voyce,

Lone Rock


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