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Looking Back at "News of the Men In Service"

Over the balance of this year, the Post Messenger Recorder will be running News of Men In Service, which ran on the front page, column 6 of each week’s New Glarus Post, compiled by Kim Tschudy


September 24, 2020

News of Men In Service

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kubly on Saturday received a telegram from their son, Sgt. Delmar Kubly, stationed in Colorado, that he and Miss Marion Hoesly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Hoesly, Monticello, expected to be married Sunday evening. We hope to have further particulars later.

T/Sgt. Harold Berge is home after serving in the Army for several years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berge.

Pvt. Vincent Gerry is here visiting at the home of his brother, Harold Gerry. He recently returned from overseas and has been honorably discharged. Gerry was employed by the Pet Milk Co. at New Glarus before his induction into the Army.

Pfc. James Hamilton has returned to Spence Field, Ga, after a 21-day furlough.

Sgt. Frederick P. Opfermann is here from Ft. McArthur, San Pedro, Calif., visiting his mother, Mrs. Rose Opfermann.

T/5 Fred Heller, who is home on furlough from Europe, has a 15-day extension on his furlough.

Sgt. Clifford Kubly has been on his way home from India since Sept. 9. Part of the trip home he is making by plane.

Arnold Yaun, C.M.O.M.M. of the U. S. Navy, was here over the weekend and returned to Minneapolis where he expects to receive his honorable discharge.

Pvt. Leonard Marty Jr., Basco, who entered the Marine Corps on Sept. 5, is at Parris Island, S. C. A. Son of Leonard Marty, Junction City, he formerly made his home with his sister, Mrs. Woodrow Viney, Basco, and was employed by the Gisholt Co. at Madison. He is a brother of Mrs. Henry Vollenweider.

Pfc. Wilbert F. Disch is home on a 12-day furlough from Camp J. T. Robinson, Ark. He has finished his 17-week basic training and will be stationed at Camp Adair, Oregon. His brother, Pvt. Richard E. Disch, is in the Ordinance Branch of the service and is stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. Both are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin J. Disch, northwest of New Glarus.

From Lt. Robert Strickler

Luzon, Sept. 1, 1945

Dear Art: Have just finished reading a copy of the Post which I received this morning. Besides being of great interest, it also was a good reminder that I owe you a long overdue letter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the Folks back home for making it possible for me to receive the Post, and for the numerous cards and gifts which I have received.

Right now, I’m taking life quite easy. We moved here from Okinawa and have been waiting for something to do ever since we arrived here. Before the war ended, they had our job all picked out for us, but now that it’s all over, no one knows what will happen to us. Naturally everyone is hoping that we will not be needed and we will be sent back to the States, but as yet there is no indication that will take place.

We have a very nice camp site, being located in the middle of a coconut grove, and only a couple hundred yards from the beach. We have Philippino laborers building a large bamboo mess hall in each company, complete with bamboo tables, chairs and a small bar over which passes the six cans of beer per man per week.

As yet, I haven’t been able to locate anyone from home since arriving on Luzon. However, I haven’t given up hopes as I understand there are several “Schweitzers” here in the Philippines, but that covers a lot of territory, and perhaps, by now some of them are on their way to Tokyo.

Now that the shooting is all over with, I hope that it won’t be too long before I can get back to good old New Glarus and thank all of you personally.

Sincerely, Lt. Robert Strickler

Major W. Kammer Visits Switzerland

Sept. 16, 1945

Dear Art: I have just returned from a 15-day trip to Switzerland, which was the high-light of my 4 years in the Army. Fifteen days were hardly long enough to visit all my relatives. I picked up the enclosed magazine in Interlaken. The article on the 5th page is of special interest. It is amazing how many people in Switzerland are aware of the progress of Swiss colonies in America. It was a swell way to get a chance to talk Swiss again—at the end of the second week I was doing much better than I did when I first entered. Most of my time was in Zurich and Bern. If there is a place in this world more beautiful than Berner-Oberland, I want to see it. I can so well remember the stories that my parents told me about this part of Switzerland and I now realize how impossible it is for words to describe it. I was in Wimmis at the time that the herds were being brought down out of the mountains for wintering in the lower lands. There was much singing, and celebrating in general—even helped out a bit with my off-key bass. Like every good Berner, I made the trip to the Jung Frau Joch.

After returning to France, I found that my outfit had moved to Paris to take over a General Hospital which is to go home. We were in a staging area getting ready for direct shipment to the Pacific Theater of War when V-J (Victory Japan) day came. Here in Paris we have a large modern hospital which the French had just completed when the Germans took over.

The Post comes through every once in a while. I thoroughly enjoy each and every copy. Sincerely, Major Walter Kammer

PFC. Darrel Durst Receives Bronze Star

Pfc. Darrel G. Durst, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Z. Durst, has been awarded the bronze star medal. Pfc. Durst a driver in the 11th Tank Bn., was cited as follows: For heroic achievement against an enemy of the United States at Memmingen, Germany, on April 25, 1945. Braving intermittent enemy artillery and sniper fire, Durst courageously led a task force into an enemy held town and assisted in effecting the surrender of opposing hospital forces.


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