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Honoring RBG


September 24, 2020

Dear Editor,

Will the miseries ever end? A pandemic killing 200,000 of our fellow citizens, wildfires, hurricanes, and a presidency of deceit, hypocrisy and crass disregard for voters. Grieving includes the loss of John Lewis and now Ruth Bader Ginsburg, another hero fighting for equal rights. If ever there is a time to vote, it’s now.

Happily, I have already cast mine for Kriss Marion and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Here are just a few of the reasons why: Better access to health care: save the ACA, accept Medicaid money; create a Health Care Jobs Corp. Stronger economy: invest in innovation, a $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave, tax reform. Pandemic relief: restore truth and expertise to the CDC, follow the science, fund mitigation. Clean water and air protection, support clean energy and policies to fight climate change. Fight racism: pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, criminal justice reform, funding education. Fair maps, where voters choose leaders instead of the reverse. Stop coddling all the dictators like Putin and work with our allies.

More than anything, I need a return to common decency, honesty, and a belief in the common good. Democracy needs it. The once respectable Republican Party is being co-opted by a man notable for constant lies, disrespect for women and people of color and even our military. Republican leadership in Wisconsin has followed the Trump playbook every step of the way, prioritizing power over people. Todd Novak only strays from the Vos/Fitzgerald path when his vote does not affect the outcome. Enough is enough. Vote them out and support a government “of, by and for people.” Vote for Kriss, Joe and Kamala. We know how RBG would feel about it. Make the Supreme Court about Justice, not partisan politics.

Barbara Morford,

Spring Green


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