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Kelty Hopes for Citizens to Stand United


October 15, 2020

Dear Editor,

I worked for 44 years in the nursing profession. I paid my fair share in taxes. I now receive Social Security and I qualify for Medicare. I have friends who receive Social Security Income due to disability. I know many folks who receive government benefits because they simply just need help to be able to have shelter, food, healthcare and exist where basic human needs are met for their families. I don’t understand how anyone could be angry about a portion of our tax dollars being allotted to allow for our elderly, disabled, poor and disadvantaged to live with basic human decency, especially when they themselves have paid into these programs all throughout their working lives, or have fallen into circumstances such as advanced age, non-curable disease, disability, poverty or other situations beyond their control.

I have been called a “socialist”, a “communist”, a “liberal”, a “libtard” and other adjectives too rude and crude to mention here. What is wrong with people? Where is compassion, sensitivity, love and concern for our fellow man gone in this country? Why is Democratic Socialism being systematically destroyed by law and policy in our United States? The United States that has consistently been viewed as the “greatest” nation on the planet? The truth is the very tenants that make us who we are is under attack. This attack is coming from within and the adverse effects have been growing like weeds for years and choking out our true greatness as a civilized society.

Democratic Socialism is the compact between government, business and citizenry that built all of America’s infrastructure. Public education from elementary through high school, fire departments, police departments, libraries, roads, street lights, water treatment, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the US Postal Service, garbage management, court houses, the FDA, OSHA, CDC, snow plows, street sweepers, electrical grid = all of this is our tax dollars used by the government to build our country into a powerhouse! Your American Dream was built on Democratic Socialism. Unfettered malignant capitalism is destroying it. America wasn’t always like this. Corruption, greed, hatred, bigotry and fear have brought us, as a People, to this dark time we now face.

My hope is that we can once again stand united as a people, practice tolerance and give each and every citizen the freedoms, rights, inclusiveness and respect we deserve. Our prodigy are depending on us NOW!

Jeanette Kelty,



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