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Photoshopped Ad Partisan


October 15, 2020

Dear Editor,

A Dodge pick-up truck with photoshopped sideboards…what will they think of next?

By now, I bet just about everyone in the 51st Assembly District has seen Kriss Marion and her Dodge Ram pick-up truck with side boards that read, “Kriss Marion Democrat for Change 51st Assembly District” as Kriss is out and about meeting and speaking with citizens. So, I was surprised when a mailer went out last week with a photoshopped picture of Kriss with her truck, the sideboards reading, “Kriss Marion Proud to Be a Liberal Partisan.” The return address also included this: “Paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin as an in-kind to Novak for Assembly.”

Well, I really don’t like partisans of any stripe; and that’s why I sure do like Kriss Marion. In her own words, not those bought and paid for by others, Kriss’s “to do” list is “comprehensive tax reform to close loopholes for billionaires, affordable healthcare insurance for more Wisconsinites, unified public health measures to control COVID, clean water for our kids and grandkids, stimulus for small towns and small businesses, more opportunities for family farms, and Fair Maps. This does not sound or smell like liberal partisanship. These are the things most all of us in the 51st would wish for. Kriss sounds like a dedicated public servant to me. Having known her for a decade, I can say she really accomplishes what she sets out to get done.

Please stop and visit with Kriss the next time you see her around. She is intelligent, kind, and a wonderful listener. Tell her what’s on your mind; she’ll listen and likely add it to her list.

As for the photoshop job, it is partisan. It is beyond childish in its absurdity; and junk yard mean in its intent…if it wasn’t so humorous. I can’t imagine grown men and women sitting around conjuring this up, Novak giving the nod (recall, I was an Assembly candidate; so I know how this works), and then paying for it with party members hard earned contributions.

What will they think of next!? Likely changing out the Dodge for an old Edsel that doesn’t run; that might hit where it hurts.

Dick Cates, Farmer

Spring Green


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