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Voegeli Supports Novak


October 29, 2020

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the deluge of letters (hardly any from Green County residents) that you have been receiving in support of Assembly candidate Kriss Marion. Those letters appear to be a carefully organized effort put together by her campaign, which is its right to do.

The letters taken together contain several general themes. Those themes, as I deduce them from an overall review of the various letters, are as follows: Kriss Marion believes that government is the answer to everything. Kriss Marion believes that when it comes to government, more and bigger is always better. Kriss Marion is not concerned about the cost of more and bigger government. Kriss Marion is a firm supporter of everything that Tony Evers does or wants. Kriss Marion is under the grip and control of the Wisconsin Teachers’ Union and, if elected, she would be their cheerleader.

Regarding the last point, Kriss Marion does not seem to understand that when a student attends a private school (usually Church-sponsored), that student is not using the resources of the public school system. Thus, providing the parents of the student with a voucher (to use to pay the private school expenses) equal to a portion of the public school expenses that the student is not using is not a “gift” to anyone. Rather it is ensuring that the parents of the private school student will derive some benefit from the taxes or rent that they pay to support education. Of course, few, if any, private school teachers belong to the Teachers’ Union.

If a citizen believes that it is desirable that our government be even bigger than it is now, then that citizen will want to vote for Kriss Marion. If the citizen does not believe that ever bigger government is what Wisconsin needs, then he or she will want to vote to retain our very capable and experienced incumbent Assemblyman, Todd Novak.

Paul W. Voegeli


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