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Not Working for Over 200 Days


November 19, 2020

Dear Editor,

How long would you keep your refrigerator if it conked out and didn’t work? A day? A week? A month? How about 200 days?

Would it bother you if, during a long Wisconsin winter, your well-maintained furnace didn’t work? For months?

If your car became unreliable and quit running over and over, stranding you far from where you want to be, would you consider getting a different car? A different brand?

I want my appliances - my fridge, my stove, my furnace, my hot water heater, all of ‘em - and my car, too, to be dependable, reliable, to do their jobs with as little fuss and maintenance as possible. That’s why I paid good money for them. I expect to invest in some periodic service but I do not want to be tinkering with them all the time. I do not want them to break down, fall apart, or otherwise not do what they are there to do. I expect them to work quietly and efficiently, in the background, keeping me safe, comfortable, getting me where I need to go.

I want the same thing from my government.

Our COVID battle is being fought at the state level while my state senator and state representative have been conked out for months as COVID spreads throughout Wisconsin, harming the economy, education, health care, mental health and almost every aspect of our daily lives.

It’s way past time they get to work for the citizens who invest in them.

Dorothy Thompson,

Richland Center


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