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Looking Back at "News of the Men In Service"

Over the balance of this year, the Post Messenger Recorder will be running News of Men In Service, which ran on the front page, column 6 of each week’s New Glarus Post, compiled by Kim Tschudy


January 7, 2021

News of Men In Service

January 9, 1946

T-5 Silvan Schindler has arrived at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schindler, from Europe.

Pfc. Alvin Hoesly and F/O Maynard Hefty have notified their parents not to send them any more mail as they expected to be home soon. They are both in Europe.

Sgt. Virgil Erickson is at home from the Pacific, honorably discharged. His wife and daughter have been at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Marty.

James Kaeser, S 1/c, after a leave at home, is now stationed at the Naval Reserve Armory at Chicago. He expects to receive his discharge about January 20th.

Rinehardt Kuenzi, S 1/c, is visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kuenzi. He is stationed on the USS Arcab.

Pfc. Henry Opfermann is here for a visit with his mother. After his furlough, which ends January 25, he will go to Camp Picket, Virginia. He has been in Florida.

There are still names of 94 men and women in service from this community, to whom the New Glarus Post is being sent every week. At one time there were over 200 names on our list.

Corp. Edw. (Bud) Lee writes from Camp Lee, Virginia, that he wishes to thank all the people who remembered him with cards, gifts, and letters at Christmas, also those who made it possible for him to get the “Post.”

O. Anderson Back In Army Hospital

January 6, 1946

Hello Art: Just a line to let you know my new address as I’m back in the hospital after an enjoyable 112 days furlough. It’s tough to be cooped up like this but suppose it’s for the best. This hospital is built entirely of brick. Very nice place but almost nothing going on. They have movies every night on the post and only 15 cents to see it so guess I’ll see my share of movies again.

So far they don’t know I’m back, I believe they haven’t looked for me. Guess most of the Drs. are still on leave. It’s a big hospital and will hold around 2,500 patients. Well I’m close to home now, anyway about 175 miles.

Orville Anderson, Ward C--8, Mayo General Hospital, Galesburg, Ill.

From James Sarbacher

N. A. B. Kobler, Saipan, December 27, 1945

Dear Art: It seems I’m going from one extreme to the other. First I delay writing too long, then I follow up with a second too soon to allow for interesting correspondence. At any rate the objective is accomplished in some form or fashion.

I want to take the privilege of thanking the people, the Lions Club, and any group or organization that helped, by giving their time, money, or efforts to make our Christmas a more pleasant one, by sending us packages from “The Folks At Home.”

Due to the packaging and handling of my package, which contained an appropriate array of gifts, it arrived in good shape and in time for the holidays. I’m hoping it won’t be too long till I can thank you personally.

It’s needless to say my transfer was a move in the right direction. The island has a wonderful climate, with a lesser amount of rain fall, and an inspiring landscape.

My chow, quarters and duty are all on a higher level, due to the fact that the island has been in American hands over a year and a half.

Well, as I anticipated, I’ve run out of news without hardly beginning, so I’ll close with the aspects of writing in the near future.

Sincerely Yours, Jim Sarbacher


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