New Glarus School Board Candidate - Zimmerman


March 25, 2021

Travis Zimmerman

Age: 50

Occupation: Project Manager

Years lived in District: 9

Incumbent? Yes

Have you been on the school board or held any other public office before? If so, please describe: Prior to moving to New Glarus, I served on the Monticello School Board, in the role of member, secretary and Vice President. I have been privileged to serve on the New Glarus School Board for multiple terms, currently as Treasurer. Throughout my school board experiences, I have served on Personnel/Negotiations, Athletics, Buildings/Grounds/Facilities, and Budget committees.

Why are you running for school board? I have 3 sons, 2 that are currently still students in the District. They have been afforded wonderful opportunities for learning, as well as guidance for them to reach their potential. I have spent years as a volunteer for youth football and baseball, the Wilhelm Tell Guild, and the AlphornMan triathlon for the local recreation department. All those involvements have allowed me opportunities to develop relationships with students, parents, and families in our communities. It is an honor to represent those same people at the Board level. Serving on the School Board is a way to give back to those that do so much for our children, as well as for the community that supports our District. Public education plays an essential role in creating student success, and strong communities.

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What issues do you find most important to the school board? How would you handle these issues? Undoubtedly, the most pressing issue for the District currently, is maintaining operations during this pandemic. Keeping health and safety as the priority has been the driving factor for any decision-making. We will need to continue this trajectory as we plan for the remainder of this school year, as well as be prepared to face the many changes and challenges that the District may face in the future. COVID-19 has changed our school, and our instructional delivery methods this year. Our short- and long-term planning will include many of these changes. As a board member, my role is to be a respectful listener to the needs of students, staff, and community members, to face challenges with a rational and open mind - looking at evidence and data to support our decision-making, and to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.


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