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Support for Gashette, Candidate for Green County Board of Supervisors 25th District


March 17, 2022

Dear Editor,

I received this information about Shane Gashette and would like to see it shared with the rest of the PMR readership. Based on this history he would certainly be my preferred candidate.

Nathaniel “Shane” Gashette recently volunteered his candidacy for County Board Supervisor District 25 Green County when he realized the seat was vacant and had no listed prospects. As a New Glarus resident, property owner, community volunteer, neighbor, father and husband he believes it is both his civic duty and responsibility to serve his district as a representative on behalf of his neighbors and family – of which there is little distinction in the manner either are received with consideration to warmth and affection.

Mr. Gashette moved to Wisconsin from Sugarland, Texas in 2016 for a professional career opportunity. After extensively searching Madison and surrounding communities he specifically chose to settle in New Glarus because of its long distinct cultural heritage, the excellent schools, the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, community safety, and most important the welcoming hospitality of the people.

He has said it reminds him of his birthplace in Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany where his father was stationed as a U.S. Army Ranger (75th Ranger Battalion). Shane has been married for eight years and has four children and one grandchild. His wife is a naturalized United States citizen. After immigrating to the U.S. in 2002 she finally received U.S. Citizenship in 2014 shortly before becoming Mrs. Gashette – a marriage which was delayed two years due to U.S. immigration policies.

Coincidentally the immigration laws that produced these challenges in Mr. Gashette’s life are a result of the same Obama administration his opponent worked in before leaving D.C. in 2017 (and New York City prior) to becoming a political operative in Green County. This begs the question, “Who’s the real “carpetbagger”?”, as Shane was called in a prior letter to the editor. Would it be Mr. Gashette a family man with a vested interest in our county who lives and works in Green County, or his opponent who is a lifelong political operative with no children, no wife or actual interests in Green County for that matter (most of his property is in Dane County)?

Further Mr. Gashette has traveled extensively professionally and previously as member of the U.S. Army (1st Cavalry Division, “First Team” Fort Hood, Texas). He has traveled to every U.S. State and all U.S. territories and to five of the seven continents. Obviously any accusations labeling him a “racist” (again, from a prior letter to the editor) are unfounded and without merit by those who only wish to cause further divisiveness in our small community and county.

Green County is privileged to have him as member of our community and would consequently be a great addition to our Green County Supervisor Board. He would be one of only a few candidates with the extensive experience and background needed to bring a voice of diversity, governance and multi-cultural insight which is so much needed in our Board of Supervisors that serve an ever-growing and changing community.


Dave Staats,

New Glarus


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