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Czerwonka Supports Larson


March 24, 2022

Dear Editor,

“As a native Texan stuck in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future...” – a 3 February 2019 Facebook quote from Shane Gashette really bothers me.

I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin and moved to Green County 18 years ago. I’ve traveled a little bit, lived and worked elsewhere. This is where my wife and I chose to make our home and raise our family.

But we were once newcomers in this area, which we recognized was steeped in generations of family and history.

As newcomers, my wife and I attended town and county board meetings for many years, out of curiosity and to become informed citizens. I was elected to and served several terms on the local town board. The gravity of the responsibility entrusted to me by township residents was always front and center in my mind. I learned a great deal about what it takes to run a town; to do no harm and leave the township no less beautiful than how I found it.

So my standard for those elected to represent me, especially on a local level, is unapologetically high.

Mr. Gashette’s candidacy for District 25 supervisor appears to be nothing other than a fun pastime in small town Wisconsin that he’s now “stuck” in. When the excitement of a campaign wears off, could he be trusted to DO THE WORK, listen to and represent all of us? Local government is full of rules, policies and procedures. Is he capable of navigating these like a responsible person? Nothing would indicate this to be the case. I find Mr. Gashette’s online comments troubling and his public record embarrassing.

Please reference Ms. Blank’s Letter to the Editor of 24 February at I have screen shots of Mr. Gashette’s online rants, and his conviction record is easily obtained at CCAP. I invite the Post Messenger Recorder to print both in a future edition.

I also reference the Letter to the Editor of 17 March submitted on Mr. Gashette’s behalf by Mr. Staats, both of whom will be embarrassed to learn now that the latter in fact does not reside in District 25. But at least these two are consistent in the incompatibility of their hatred-filled rants with how we live in this area.

As a District 25 resident, I have every confidence that Todd Larson will represent my views fairly -- along with those with whom I may disagree. I have profound respect for Todd, who grew up in this area, accomplished great and important things in the wider world, and then returned to this part of Wisconsin which we hold dear. When I was a town board supervisor I appreciated Todd’s consistent attendance at our board meetings. I spoke with him on numerous topics over time and always valued his thoughtful input.

It is clear that Todd Larson is the only choice for District 25.

Tim Czerwonka,



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